Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Fantastic Day in the Not-So-Windy City

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the ones... The ones that you wish wouldn't end, save for the fact that you are itchin' to go kiss some very specific cheeks and dish out that oh-so-typical request,"Tell me something cute that the kids did!"

We had planned to head to Chicago for the day, but late the night before, we chickened out. Well, we lazied out. We cheap-skated the idea right out of our minds. No, it wasn't a unanimous decision, but Keisha was company, so she didn't really have any buying power.

You might be thinking, "Shouldn't company get to decide?"

Not around these parts.

Hey - wanna come over sometime??

So, we started our day at the beloved South Bend Farmers' Market.

It had been way, way too long. I missed her saurkrautey smell that rounds the corner to earthy, dusty spices. Her unyielding Wintertime optimism made me walk a little taller -- pretty soon, all of the tables will be filled and I'll need not one, but two tote bags to haul out my loot.

If such a thing exists that is capable of injecting culinary courage into the very heart of a girl, it's got to be a good Farmers' Market.

Find thou a market. Braise your creativity in the curiosity you'll discover precisely between the dusty books, the homemade salsa, the hand-kneaded, herb flecked pizza dough. The beets.

As my bag grew heavier, I resolved to go much more often.

Then, it was time for lunch.

Gyros, baby.
Feta, scooped out ice-cream style.

Next, we thrifted.
I never knew how badly I yearn to bake miniature pies.

I gave a good home to some orphaned pillow cases - so soft, with seams slightly askew.

Here's how you know your best friend rocks the world sideways: She lets you go to her apartment and take a nap on her couch. She gives you a swoony pillow and a cozy blaket and she closes the drapes. And then she asks you not to wake her up.

You sleep, with the tiniest grin on your face.

And you wake up and text your Honey and read a book until she straggles out, with bed-head to match your own. You snicker about this and that. You wish Beth were still with you, although she probably wouldn't appreciate the nap thing. You wonder how your sister could possibly still be shopping and why on earth did she pick shopping over a nap?

Then, sister returns and it's nearly 8 pm and you realize that you're hungry.

They aren't, but you are. And you know, you still have that buying power from before.

So, of course, you end up here.

And, as always, the last thing you remember to do, after all of the hours of laughing and sleeping and eating, is capture your very (happy) selves.

I may never Chicago again.


  1. What a lovely post! Sounds like a wonderful windless city day.

  2. "Her unyielding Wintertime optimism" - LOVE this line!
    Please come see me in Smolensk, Russia and I'll take you to our local markets . . . bright fruits and veggies snuggling warmly under a blanket of snow . . .

  3. I love any day that involves a farmers market!

    Sounds like a great day :)

  4. sounds like you had a blast! i understand one of "those wonderful days" never forget them.

  5. wow, it sounds like it was an awesome day...who needs chicago when you can have all that fun around here :) And M may be worth staying for too.

  6. sounds like a lovely day with friends! chicago shmago!

  7. Oh so fun!!! Love that last picture of you guys.

  8. Now that sounds like a great day! I've been dreaming of farmer's markets lately myself. So nice that you had the chance to spend a day with people you love that love you right back. Of course, who wouldn't?

  9. It's good to get away.

    Those brussel sprouts look beautiful in that bowl. I did just re-introduced myself to those bad boys, and even did a post on it (here). They're yummy.

    Looks like great times in the windy city.

  10. That sounds like a lovely day...the farmer's market, the thrifting, love the pillow cases by the way...and the nap...heaven...oh wait wait wait, the chips and salsa look mightly tastey too! :)

  11. mmm gyros! One of my favorite things in the world. Mr. Hughes gives me guilt trip about eating little lambs, but they are delicious!

    Looks like you had a cozy nap and lots of fun!


  12. Sounds like a wonderful time with fabulous friends! Glad you enjoyed the weekend.


  13. Looks like a crazy fun time!
    The scoop of feta....Yum.... and farmers markets are the best.
    The brussel sprouts look so fresh.

    Love all your pics...they are always so good!

    Have great week.


  14. What a great day!
    Of course ANY day with good buds is great.
    Does your face still hurt from laughing??

  15. "I never knew how badly I yearn to bake miniature pies." relatable! Sounds like a gr8 day!

  16. I have a feeling you girlies have fun no matter what "city" you're in. :)

  17. Sounds like a really fun time, I really like the nap part! Oh just a dream....

  18. Sounds like you had a blast!!!

    Oh how I wish we had a Farmers Market close to our house!

  19. Holy Cow! You and your sister look so much alike! Sounds like a fun day. Is there anything better than a friend that lets you nap?

  20. Commenter's Note: I just had the ROCKINGEST comment, but now my words are NOT like freaking honey b/c I just freaking typed a list of 10 things about the D. post and I lost it all because R. is always logged into his gmail account and every time I post, it wants to attach his freaking profile to it! UGHHHH!!!!! GRRRRRR ok. I will come back and post it again in a separate block. Seriously am I allowed do some cursing here or will you delete this?

  21. 1. Your photos rock my world! I had the thought to hire you for my wedding, then remembered that you are my wedding coordinator and matron of honor.
    2. I must admit I had wanted the mini pie tins for myself when I first saw them, then I thought you would use them more. I sorta regret that decisions.
    3. Ditto #2 on the lime green pillowcase, although for different reasons.
    4. I'm glad that debacle of Friday night between the three of us was smoothed over on Saturday. Having Beth as a buffer helped, I think.
    5. I think I still have some bedhead in that photo. UGH!
    6. Where's the photo of the mango margarita, my dear?
    7. Back to the first paragragh, I wondered if you were going to refer to kissing Cory, but I take from the cheeks comment that you were referring to the kiddos.
    8. I have lost 2 items here from having to redraft this entire comment. UGH.
    9. My last comment was that you are my Cosmic TB BFF and I love you! And I must say that after all these years, I still get a fast, palpitating heartbeat and a swoony, first-love kinda feeling every time I make you laugh deeply.

  22. Girl you are like my blonde headed siamese twin. You know I'm a sucker for a beet or brussel sprout picture. Oh and gyros!!! Get out!
    I haven't been by lately. Work Shmerk. Love the pretty header. It gives me hope that someday I will be out of the frozen tundra and surrounded by sunshine and roses.

  23. Girls day - how fun! And your photos are beauteous....I'm really loving the tins and the linen shot after it. Great focus/blur goin' on there.

  24. Beautifully written. What a blessing those girls must be to you--I mean really, a nap?! Priceless. Sounds like a dream.