Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lend Me Your Ears

Grocery lists? Who needs 'em.

A wreath made of paperback hearts? Huh?

Tonight, I'm all about dispensing information that is truly useful in our everyday lives.

I'm all about being relevant and applicable.

Here, in no particular order, are the cds that any true music aficionado (such as myself) should have in his/her library.

My 10 favorite albums of all time:
Counting Crows - August and Everything After
Cory took me to see them in concert on our first Valentine's Day together. I've been hooked on them (and him) ever since.
Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces
They had the magic, baby. It's a crying shame...
Kelly Clarkson - Break Away
The girl's got pipes and she defies convention quite well.
Willie Nelson - The Great Divide
That tinny voice. Those pigtails.
Nichole Nordeman - Brave
She is a true lyricist. I hear something new every time.
Missy Higgins - On A Clear Night
A new addition, but her edge works well with the rest of my list.
Alison Krauss - Forget About It
Cory's music crush. (And we have reason to believe that she'sa little nutty, but her voice is other-worldly.)
Freedy Johnston - This Perfect World
Quirky is as quirky does.
White Heart - Freedom
The album of my youth. I resolved to marry a bassist in a (Christian) rock band.
Out of the Grey - Self-titled
I hear this album and I'm 15 again. In a good way.

So, what do you think? I'm nothing if not well-rounded/outdated.


  1. Love the Nicole Nordeman and Alison Krauss! Like the Willie Nelson too, great picks~

  2. Thanks for sharing...I found some newbies to add to my playlist. I heart Willie Nelson. One of my all time favorite tunes is Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson singing Family Bible. Makes me happy every single time I hear it.

  3. Ahhh! That Out of the Grey CD was absolutely the soundtrack of my high school years! Especially the song "the deep" (I think that was the title!). Wow...memories.

    Excellent choices.:-)

  4. Great combo! Love willie nelson, dixie chicks..hmm what else..all kinds of music..i don't think there is enough space in this comment box to name all..lulu

  5. Great list! Music is a passion of mine and I love to know what people's favorites are. Love, love, love Nichole Nordeman, the song "I Am" strikes me to my core. I saw her live at the "Women of Faith Conference" a few years ago and I have loved her ever since.

  6. Nichole Nordeman--she rocks my socks. I just love her. Copied your Valentine's books wreath today. thanks for the idea!

  7. We could own the same Ipod!!! Just listening to "Brave" today on my "Run Happy" playlist. That song makes me feel empowered :) Knowing what a wonderful human being she is in real life helps too---knowing that she has struggled like all of us and is so eloquent with sharing it.

    I still love the Dixie matter what happens. :)

  8. Nichole Nordeman is amazing in concert. She seems so genuine. --- The Dixie Chicks??? Have to say I was shocked to see that show up on your list. --- Back to the paperback hearts... how big is your wreath, and what size punch is that? Took a trip to Michael's tonight, but the heart punches I saw looked too small. Please do tell.

    Texas Girl

  9. Ha! This can't be a coincidence . . . just yesterday as I was listening to Jill Phillips, I thought about you and wondered, "She might like this music, maybe I should leave a comment . . . " But then thought, "I have no idea what kind of music she likes. She could be into something totally different."
    And, now, this post, with your music tastes . . . so, I'm thinking that Jill Phillips would fit in nicely with your choices.
    So, here is the comment I can leave now:
    "Have you heard Jill Phillips? I think you might really relate to her music. You can find all her work on itunes. Such wonderful lyrics and music."
    The end.

  10. I love Alison Krauss, but there should definitely be a warning label on all of her albums: "Do not listen to this music whilst driving." I have a favorite music category called, "Sleepy." AK definitely fits that bill. Willie Nelson, of course, is excellent too. Did you ever hear Toby Keith refer to him as an "herbal American?" He may be stanky...but that man can write a darn fine tune!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I think we know that AK isn't the nuttiest one on that list! : P

  11. Love your picks! My favorites on your list are: Counting Crows, Allison Krauss, Missy, and the Dixi chicks. I'll be looking into some of your other favorites:)

  12. My oh my, I'm behind the times on music, I've not heard of half of this! Out of the Grey has always been one of my favorites....gosh, from way back! I'm going to have to check out Nichole Nordeman....

    Fun finding out little things about you Shannan!

  13. Did I ever tell you (or Cory) that I "opened" for Alison Krauss once? It was our small town's BiCentennial celebration and Alison was the "headliner." My friend and I did a little vocal performance on stage shortly before Alison did her thing. Yes, it was 1986 in a very small midwest town. But when you sing on a stage right before the main act, for all intents and purposes, that qualifies as an "opening act." Right?

  14. I'm with you on Allison, Kelly, Dixie Chicks and Counting Crows. I've actually never heard of the rest but you did such a good job with the ones I know that I will have to check it out. By the way, I married a bass player.

  15. Based on your list, I'm pretty sure we'd be friends in real life. With Alison Krauss thrown in the mix, our husbands would get along as well.

  16. What, no KD Lang or Sarah McLaughlin?!?! I saw both in concert and nobody does music better!

    I have to check out a few on your list!

  17. Nice eclectic choices. Counting Crows... I think of myself in college sporting my Doc Martens. Love, love, love Nichole Nordeman. Dixie Chicks... love their music. Just wish they had shut their flappers and just sung a song. That is a whole notha' post.. celebrities that can't shut their traps and think they know everything about everything.Barf.

  18. The Counting Crows are my favorite band. I've seen them about 6 times now, and every time I love them. A few years back I went and the whole concert was acoustic at the last second become someone close to them died. It was the most amazing concert. I strongly recommend them to ANYONE!

  19. I absolutely love that Whiteheart made your top ten list!! I remember rocking out to that album back in the early nineties feeling uber "alternative" in my witness tees and wild bangs and permed hair. Lord have mercy! lol.

  20. Nice choices!!!
    Dated!!?? THAT would be Lawrence and "da bubbly"!!
    or polka music----I know some people love it, but it's always been OLD to me...

  21. Well, now I'm going to have to spend a bunch of time on Zune checking out some of your picks. Counting Crows is on my very favorite "it's a summer day and I'm feeling fine" playlist. Willie, amazingly enough, is not on that particular list.

  22. I'm a new follower to your blog, and boy do you and I have similar taste in music: Missy Higgins, Kelly Clarkson, Allison Krauss. . .

    All through college I played Counting Crows, "Omaha" on repeat (I was obsessed with our baseball team making it into the college World Series which is played in Omaha). My roommate about killed me. :)

    And, Nichole Nordeman is by far my favorite singer/songwriter. All of her songs bring a tear to my eye.

  23. Love Alison Krauss!
    I also love Ray LaMontagne. Have you heard of him?

  24. I saw the Dixie Chicks in concert with Willie Nelson when I was in college at St. Louis - great show! Some very nice choices :)

  25. OH my goodness...Shannon. I about fell about my chair when I saw White Heart and OUT OF THE GREY. I've seen them both in concert, but Out of the Grey is by far one of my all time favorites. No one knows who they are. I can't believe you do. I miss Kristine Dente's sweet voice. I wish they'd come back.

    I also love Breakaway and Brave. We have so much in common it's scary!! BTW do you remember PFR?? The lead singer, Joel Hanson is the music leader at a church we visit. Same era thought you might know them:)

  26. Love the Dixie Chicks, Kelly Clarkson, Counting Crows and Nicole Nordeman. I would for sure put the first three on my top 10 albums too -- they must have been good :)

  27. great list girl! love Allison, Dixie Chicks, Missy and how can one forget Willie...!! I need to check out the others...don't worry I will send over a full detailed report ASAP!

  28. Love Counting Crows. I see them every time they come to town.

  29. love the music suggestions...
    a few are already on my ipod & I'm looking forward to checking out the others.
    loved the wreath by the way...divine

  30. Love your top ten and agree with many. I read this earlier this morning and had to come back and thank you. I downloaded a few Nichole Nordeman and Missy Higgins songs, and they fit perfectly into my current favorite playlist along side Brandi Carlile and Ingrid Michaelson. I think I need to go back and add a few Dixie Chicks tunes.

  31. Not sure what happened with that last comment, and all those numbers instead of my name, but it was me : )

  32. You didn't pick ONE Garth Brooks album... :(

  33. 1.) I always thought Rick Florian was a hotty and I daydreamed I was in Whiteheart ("Sing your freedom!...freedom!...freedom!"). Won concert tickets to see them in Rockford, IL. 2.)Also got to see Out of the Grey when they were in Palm Beach. Awesomeness. 3.) I'm adding Petra and Servant to that list.

  34. I l.o.v.e. Willie Nelson. Reminds me of riding in the car with my grandpa...what a warm fuzzy memory.

    Out of the Grey!!!!!! Hoooooray!!!!!
    You should check out the album that Christine Dente did with Margaret Becker and Susan Ashton...I think it was called "Along the Road". That's one of my all time faves.

    I adore this very random (and totally relevant) post!

  35. I have the first 3, my true, blue friend!

  36. There were four groups that I instantly thought of and wondered if they would be on your list. Not quite sure why I wondered except I associate them with my teenage years...they must have made an impression. The groups were - whiteheart, out of the grey, allison krauss with a bonus of the dixie chicks. That cracks me up!!! Good pics and a couple of people I can't wait to check out.

  37. When I read lend me your ears for some reason I was expecting this post to be about Mickey Mouse. Who knows why... I don't know what my all time faves are. I would have to think about it.

  38. Awesome and super cool CD list. Thanks girl. ;0 Love to see my friends musics lists.
    We are going to see Willie Nelson On Feb. 16th at the National here in Richmond Va.

    Can't WAIT. It's got to be fun.

    Hugs and I'll check in soon,


  39. Ohhh... one more thing....Out of the grey....Got to listen to that right away.

  40. Oh my gosh....I totally loved that Out of the Grey album! Love Christine Dente! My blog is named after a song that she did with Margaret Becker and Susan Ashton!
    Also, those happen to be my favorite Alison Krauss and Dixie Chicks CD's too! And I totally remember Whiteheart. Wow...this stroll down memory lane has me saying "totally" alot!

  41. excellent list!!! love, love, love allison and i need to know why she is nutty. have you ever heard of mindy smith? love her. sara groves is my favorite!!!! her add to the beauty cd was written for me, i think, i may be wrong though. :)

  42. well, i think you just about covered it all. haha! i think its about as random as mine would be.

    music makes me very happy!

  43. What a great list! That Kelly Clarkson album is my favorite from her. And Counting Crows are always a good choice.

  44. I just stumbled across your blog, and I love it! I normally don't comment on blogs right away, but I had to on this one. Love your decorating style, and I love your music, too! Many good memories from listening to Dixie Chicks, Allison Krauss, and Counting Crows! Most of all I have many, many fond memories of my high school sweetheart and I listening to Out of the Grey!

  45. I feel the same way about dixie Chicks, afraid to admit it, since, well, .. let's move on...
    uh, counting crows, yeah baby... and Alison Kraus is amamamamamazing. counting Crows, Hey babe I'm a somethin, something, waahahha,can't remmber the words, but shazam.
    Music makes this world go round.
    I'm in a no pop/secular mode right now, and am junking up on Classics, we're into vivaldi & the big 4. I have a Mozart CD, music made famous by 'Out of Africa', that I can almost hum in entirity. I figure my addiction to 'gilmore girls' keeps me up on pop-culture, when i'm binging in the other realm.
    oooh, I'm so gonna go back through that list.
    :)while I finish off a box of hostess cup-cakes. It's been a doozy of a week.

  46. and kelly clarkson ... yes.
    I am unfamilar with a couple. gonna have to do my homework... amazon here I come.

  47. I'm all over #1, #9, and #10...that's all this music snob has to say! ;)

  48. Sorry to be the last one at the party, but I just found this post accidentaly on your blog and I HAD to comment!
    My husband & I were just cleaning out the garage last week and in a box of his stuff we found his White Heart cassette tape! It was a good moment. He was uber excited. Also, I laughed at your goal to marry a Christian Bass player...I had no such goal but did marry a Christian Bass player. He played in a local band, did local tv gigs and still plays bass (and drums sometimes) during worship at church.

  49. Counting Crows and Whiteheart?

  50. This was a fun post, and I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Missy Higgins. I've been listening to her on-line this past week and really liking her sound!

    I have a handful of Counting Crows albums and have seen them several times, including in Paris! Alison Krauss is one of my all-time favorites, as is Nichole Nordeman. I don't recall the first Out of the Grey CD, but I definitely had Diamond Days, and really liked the song "Dear Marianne." Did you know Christine Dente is one of the voices on some of the Praise Baby CDs? I recognized her immediately and verified it in the credits.