Thursday, January 21, 2010

Huddle Up

I'll just come right out with it: I'm fighting a losing battle against clutter around here. And the odds are especially stacked against me this go-round, because I just don't give a ding-dong drat about it.

The kitchen is as clean as a P. Diddy's shoes, but the room I'm in right now?

Well, it might be more comparable to my fuzzy, grey house slippers. They're lived-in. They're comfortable. They're not dirty, but I wouldn't exactly serve you a veggie pita on them.

We're spending all of our time in this room. It's too cold upstairs, too cold even in my room. (Raise your hand if only half your house is heated!) I might as well be Ma Ingalls, hunkered down, tending to my children in our one-room cabin.

We're like three hapless marbles rolling around in here. But we're rolling together and we're rolling happily.

This afternoon I found an old issue of ME's Home Campanion and Ruby was finally introduced to paper dolls.

We ate Cheez-Its together, right on the couch.

We read The Little Fur Family -- such a random, little book.

Calvin spent an inordinate amount of time creating this. And although I'm sure it's obvious to everyone, I'll go ahead and tell you - it's a paper airplane-turned UFO stapled to a galaxy (that's Pluto, way up in the left corner), with one of his recent novels stapled over that, for good measure.

While I heated up some left-over Corn and Potato Chowder, Ruby channeled a Persian heiress.

And Calvin followed me from the fridge, to the microwave, to the sink, asking questions with his sick little voice and sniffling his raw little nose.

He's still got the bug. But not to worry, I called the doc today and ordered a refill of sprinkles, so we should be all set by the weekend.