Sunday, January 24, 2010

Garden Dreaming

I've spent a good part of my day garden dreaming.

Maybe it's that pesky Mother Nature, trying to trick me into believing that Spring is just around the bend with our 50 degree temps today.

Maybe it's because I'm taking on that perpetually house-bound feeling...the feeling that I shall never again feel grass beneath my toes. The feeling that my skin will never lose its late-January pallor. The feeling that my fingernails are destined to remain forever clean.

Most likely, it's because I recently saw It's Complicated and fell in love with her house, yes, but mostly with her garden.
Click here to find out more!


That garden renewed my belief that heirloom tomatoes can and will grow prolifically on my vines this year. (Nevermind the fact that a newspaper article spilled the beans that they actually wired spotless, perfectly ripened beauties to the vine. God bless Hollywood.)

That garden, so intoxicatingly, achingly lush and orderly and vibrant, made me believe that with the right basket in my hand, my garden will fall right into line around me.

At first I thought I needed to find the sun hat, too, then I remembered that I already have a sun hat. And it was a birthday gift from Anthro, so it's got to be right.

Here's a shot of my garden from last year, its inaugural year:

Here are the additions I'm envisioning:

Pyramid Trellis White

Seriously, if I were Meryl Streep, I would have only signed on to this movie under the condition that I could move into the house and spend the rest of my days tending to the garden. (I would have had the basket written into the contract, too, naturally. And maybe Jack Donaghy?)

I found this fantastic bent-wood edging on a plantation tour in Charleston last Spring and I fell in love.
I'm thinking this inexpensive, white wire edging would look perfectly farm-cottage lining each of our raised beds.

And what farm would be complete without a miniature windmill?

I'm also envisioning an entire box dedicated to a cutting garden. Swoon!

Oh, and worm-free tomatoes.

Come on, May! I'm itching to get my hands on you.

PS - Swoony Corn and Potato chowder recipe is now posted here (at the bottom of the post). I implore all of you to try it. Even little people love it.


  1. Your garden to totally swoon worthy. I am so sick of living in this zero property line - HOA from hell neighborhood. They will not even approve my rain collection barrel (& I picked out one of those fancy ones $$$). I am moving to the country. Can I be your neighbor??


    Total flea market fail. That place smelled like a red-necks kitchen. I am hopeless.

  2. I love your garden. Do you have any deer problems?

  3. Your garden is beautiful. I want to see that movie too. Seeing her awesome garden makes me want to see it even more. I love your raised beds. I'm trying to talk hubby into those this year. I think they will be much better.

  4. 1. Love your garden!
    2. Love your hat!
    3. Want to see that movie, now even more.
    4. I am SO on the same garden-dreaming page - I just put up a post about it tonight and I'm sitting here hunting all over internetworld for beautiful garden pictures:)

  5. I am loving your garden! We are planning on doing raised beds this year too, what kind of wood did you use?

  6. You are so funny. I loved that garden in the movie too. You would fit right in. I had a little garden last year and just wasn't very good at tending it or eating stuff soon enough. It kind of stressed me out. What does that say about me??

  7. As always - love the post. This year will be our first garden attempt. 1st step is removing three of our larger than life trees (sorry...we need sunlight to grow a garden and we're not touching the other 4) We're doing raised beds very much like yours....any tips or suggestions of something you would do differently?

  8. How fun! My mom lives on a farm up in Pennsylvania. Last August our family went up to visit and got to pick some potatoes. Here is a picture of me and my lil guy with a potato we just dug up... I'm wearing my grandma's sun hat. She passed in 2007.

    Good luck on your 2010 garden! I'm sure it will be just as beautiful as you imagined!

  9. Great garden! gorgeous property! thanks for sharing your garden. Maria

  10. What a tease this post is! We had 62 degree weather this week in Seattle and so I totally understand...I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt. Thanks for the reminder that greener days are right around the corner!

  11. What great ideas for your garden! and you look GREAT in your sun hat carrying the folksy bowl! : )
    I really want to see that movie - I've heard it is hilarious and the house (and now the garden) are amazing . . . . I wonder if it is out here in Russia yet . . .

  12. It is indeed time to start dreaming of full ripe Brandywines hanging on the vine, the smell of fresh basil, and vases full of zinnias adorning the kitchen counters. I love your raised boxes. I made those the first year I moved in to this old place, twenty years ago, before I knew anything about gardening. I did it ALL wrong, and tore them out a few years later....well...they rotted out! Live and learn. I'm hankering for another raised box garden.

  13. My hubby and I just spent 3 1/2 hours in our garden yesterday! I had to enjoy the sun while it was here...I cannot wait for the weather to be ready for planting! We got a late finish to our fence last year so minimal planting, but we're ready this year. There is just something wonderful about going out to your own yard and getting something FRESH to make with dinner! You've made me curious about that movie now, I may just have to see it.

  14. I'm with you! My seed catalogs are calling my name in between loads of laundry, work, etc. I haven't seen the movie, but that garden looks WONDERFUL! I think your garden looks pretty wonderful too! Swoony as you like to say.

  15. You have Hollywood Garden Envy. When are you going to learn that movies are fake? ;)
    I'm sure if anyone can get a garden to look like the one in that movie, it would be you.

  16. Don't you just love the raised beds? They make gardening so much easier....and prettier. Your garden will be lovely with or without your additions. Is cute maintenance boy also cute lawn mowing boy? It looks like you have some mass grass to keep up too!
    Garden dreaming is the best kind.

  17. Love the bent-wood edge and your plans for the spring...your garden is beautiful! looks like you have your own personal farmers market!

  18. Well, it's a little hard for me to think spring when it's snowing like gangbusters! I would so come help you work that garden. I told Jim we are absolutely using those tomato thingies!

  19. Oh you are a girl after my own heart! I regret to say that I passed up a ridiculously well priced windmill at an estate sale last summer. I'm still so mad at myself for not taking it home with me! In my defense I was a little blinded after falling in love with an adorable cabinet that I did bring home. Anyway, we've already started planning our garden here too. I started on my cutting bed last year and am hoping it grows even bigger this year! And one last totally random question - where did you get that bowl? I was given a set when we got married (ten years ago) and the big one has two enormous cracks in the bottom. They haven't gone all the way through yet but I've been looking for a replacement and can't find them. I love those bowls!

  20. are you not the cutest thing in that hat?! i love it!

    as usual, you are all about presentation. i am all about wearing whatever i don't care about getting dirty & sweaty & usually a visor to keep the sun out. not a pretty picture:)

    trying not to think too much about the garden yet as that means not having time to do anything else at this house. like the windmill idea though, very cute!

    ps. calvin says that you made him sick & now you're sick. love how his mind works!

  21. The house in "It's Complicated" is absolutely fabulous!!!!!!

  22. Yup! Time to dream--and that's all I'll be doin' cuz there's MONTHS left to winter here.
    NOTHING goes in that space until mid to late May and that is only lettuce, spinach, etc.

    Your garden looks lovely! Raised beds are definitely the way to go. We used to have a large garden with raised beds. It was set up very formally and symmetrically with a beautiful antique statue in the center and Korean lilac standards flanking one entrance.
    It was beautiful in its day. As the years went past and time grew shorter to tend it, the garlic mustard and thistle took over. I pulled out the tractor one day and plowed it all under, save one perennial bed.
    Now I don't have to look the other way as I come up the drive.
    Happy dreaming and plotting today!
    p.s. thank you SO much for visiting me---I am THRILLED!

  23. Thanks for coming by! It's nice to know I'm not just gabbing onto family says I do that a lot.
    My client is a scrap booker, I believe.
    I hope she's pleased.

  24. I just saw the movie this weekend and fell in love with all of it, too. The garden, the house, the food. So fun!! I can't wait for things to green up around here!! Thank you, but you can go away now Mr. Winter. We are done with you til next year!

  25. I too am dreaming of gardens! My mom and I ordered seeds a few weeks back. I LOVE your garden, it looks great and I bet it will be even better this year. I have deer issues :(

  26. Look at all that summer loveliness. At least with the warm weather recently all the snow is melting... oh, Spring!

  27. OK - now you are making me - forcing me to go see that movie - I'll have to tell my husband it's all your fault! I too am dreaming of spring! I'm envious of your gardens - I'm still working on landscaping & then I'll be gardening & I hope they can look as gorgeous as those photos you shared!!

  28. BRAVO!! I'm totally clapping here!!

    and I would so High Five you if you were near.

  29. oh my word girl! You are so amazing!!! How do you do it all???

  30. gosh i loveeeeeed her gardens.

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  32. That would be the perfect garden if it didn't have that dork Alec Baldwin blocking the view...! Kim