Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cooped Up Cozy

We are unofficially snowed in. Lawsie Law, I'm doing my best to embrace it.

These two helped.

And then, minutes later, not so much.

They were out gallivanting around on the treacherous roads without whim or worry. No seat belts. Some sleeping, some sleeping while driving.

Full of spit and vinegar. Unruly to the nth.

Maybe not removing one's pajamas all day has this effect?

I feel ya, Sister.

You'll have to pardon me for not showcasing my pajama-clad self. I don't wear the look quite as well as they do.

What I will confess is that I got the belt to my robe caught in the trashcan thrice, the dishwasher twice and the hot oven once. I would start walking away, only to be boomeranged back to where I started.

It's almost as if robes weren't meant to be worn during lunch prep. Or dinner prep. Or clean up.

Hallelujah, these babies saved the day. Only I used the wrong taco seasoning and didn't have enough cheese to cover the top. Don't tell Teresa. She's a real stickler. She takes her cheese pretty seriously, from what I've heard.

Heaven help me - I've got to get out of this house at some point this week.

Although at this point, I'd settle for a shower and some fabric not of the fleecy genre.