Friday, December 25, 2009

The Weary World Rejoices...

I am straight-up in love with the past two days.

We've been living in our jammies.

And I'm completely infatuated with my kitchen.

I already had an inkling, but now I know for sure.

Next time I feel blue, bundle me up in my robe, toss me into the kitchen and throw away the key.

I will surely emerge feeling brand new.

And my little family? Well, it's the best one ever.

I'm not trying to hurt your feelings. I'm sure yours is alright, too. Some things like this are just indisputable.

The kids are now robed.

Some mamas indoctrinate their young on fashion statements such as skinny jeans. Around here, it's all about the indoor fleece over-garment.

Comfort is the new Cool.

We learned this year (again) that less is more.

And I'm not left with that sinking "Christmas is over" feeling.

We set out to spend time together, to share the anticipation and joy of the season with our little people, to give beyond ourselves, to remember the Reason. And we're left feeling satisfied.

This year, for Christmas, I got knee socks and a surprise Snuggie. It was fun to have a couple of surprises - it always is.

But my heart has been more fixed on things that don't come in a box, and I'm so glad.

I'm thinking of our little guy across the ocean and hoping he's being spoiled a little and wondering if his Foster family loves Jesus and praying that they do. I'm hoping his first Christmas is a good one.

Next year, we'll be a family of Five.

It's hard to imagine having one more thing to be so thankful for, but I think I'll figure it out.

Merry Christmas, friends. If you're on EST, you have 2 more hours to soak it in. Make them count!