Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Story in Two Parts

I make a Christmas list for Cory every year. 10 years of wedded bliss have taught us that it's just better for everyone if I jot something down - and make it specific. This was difficult for me, because, as you know, I'm a girl who loves a good surprise. I loved the idea of Cory finding me the perfect thing that I never even knew I wanted. So romantic, right? Trouble is, Cory's not like me. He doesn't enjoy "the hunt". He has made some valiant attempts though, including 2 Christmases ago when he hacked into my Etsy site and ordered something for me that I had saved in my Favorites. I cracked up when I opened it, one - because it was a "World Traveler" charm necklace that I had in mind for a friend of mine who is an avid, overseas traveler; and two - because it looked rather gangsta'ish. And really tacky. You don't believe me? Take a look.

Cory's response? "I thought it was very odd that you wanted that."

Truly though, he scored major points for effort. It wasn't his fault that the etsy listing was a tad deceiving.

Fast forward to this year. I had two items on my list:
1. fun knee socks (Gap, TJ Maxx)
2. personalized charm necklace (with kids' names, silver)

Then, we found out that we are both flying to Korea in a month or so, and we canceled Christmas altogether.

For the two of us, I mean.

Fast forward another week or two and I found this in my mailbox:

I was so excited that I almost opened it up while I was driving. Then, I remembered the time that I totaled my beloved Sunfire just as I was pulling up for a job interview and I thought better of it.

I'm telling you - I love the feeling of anticipation. It's one of my top five favorite states of being.

When at last I pulled safely into a parking space at my Nose Job doctor's office, I ripped the lid off the box and saw.....


My friend Nicole made it for me, for no good reason. Just because she likes me, I guess. She and I lived right next door to each other our Sophomore year of college and it pains me to say that I don't think we ever exchanged pleasantries. Now, years later, here we are. We are cyber pals. We are passionate about some of the very same things and I, for one, feel like I have been gifted with a very fantastic surprise friendship.

Nicole and her husband are embarking on some very exciting territory of the adoption genre. (You didn't know territories are classified by genres???)

Her Etsy shop is stocked full of her beautiful artistry, which will help pave the way to bring home their child - the one that Jesus chose for them from the foundations of the earth.

Thank you, Nic, my crafty, mind-reading friend. I Love it.


  1. Oh that is so super sweet! I really want one of those myself so I'll check out her shop!

  2. Super, Duper...Awesome. I also will visit her shop!


  3. OMG! Her prices are to die for!!!!! I am in love!!


    Because one comment is never enough :)

  4. how completely adorable!
    love it!
    want one!(with completely different names, of course:)

  5. How cool!!

    I love Nic. She's on my "I want to be her when I grow up" list. Top of the list, even.

  6. That's SO COOL that you got the necklace. Here is the weird part...

    I'm going to korea sometime in the winter too! what are the odds? I mean I never thought I would go there.

  7. Gorgeous! What a fun and perfect surprise!!


  8. Love your necklace! What a nice surprise! Guess what I'm getting for Christmas. Payment of my insurance deductible after being involved in an accident last week that was MY FAULT. Don't be too jealous of my great gift!

  9. How very sweet. It's a beautiful necklace. Lucky you!

  10. What a fun Surprise!!
    I love when that happens!!

  11. How beautiful is that necklace!...and even better that it was a surprise...although I know your trip to Korea will be marvelous!

  12. What a sweet friend and gift. I love it! Checked out her shop...so cute. Great gift ideas:)

  13. oo cute. i want one. it shall say, "Sassy."


    People who see it would think I thought I was sassy but I know that it's baby girl's nickname. :D

  14. Man, that Calvin makes ghetto pretty darn cute!

  15. Love that, super cool! I'm a little bummed though that you didn't give Cory a shout out for the entire season of 90210 that he got you a couple Christmases ago!

  16. That is so pretty! I checked out her shop and I definitely need something. She really has great prices. I bought a necklace from someone who shall remain nameless and her prices were OUTRAGEOUS. Stylish and affordable is always a nice combo!

  17. What a beautiful necklace and a super sweet friends. There is nothing quite like getting a surprise package in the mail from a good friend...

  18. What a lovely sentiment about adoption and what a lovely gift!

  19. shannan! you darling girl!

    i just knew this would look smashing on you. plus i had to make up for our squandered years of potential friendship. so close...(i'm singing jon mclaughlin here, be thankful you're way over there).

    thanks for the shout-out. and the sparkliest card this side of chicago. (btw, you have awesome handwriting; it must come as a relief to know that should you ever need to switch professions, you'd make a killing teaching penmanship.)


  20. FYI - I ordered a custom necklace! Thanks to you both - my husband will be shocked when I pull this baby out of my own stocking this year! I can't wait to get mine!