Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So, the rolls.

As I was saying, I finally hopped aboard the Pioneer Woman cinnamon roll train.

I was so nervous, what with the packets of dry active yeast and all. But then I remembered my friend Becky's mantra: "Do it scared", and I did it.

I have a feeling those three little words are going to open up a whole new world for me this year. A world where sewing machine bobbins do not turn me into a hair-twirling nail-biter and where I muster the courage to clean out the cavity and roast the danged bird.

I love my butcher block island and I loved tossing flour all over it even more.
I cannot stress this enough - don't be stingy with the flour. I was a little stingy and it did not serve me well...

Hey - check out my new rock! Cory surprised me with it just as I was about to flatten Her Royal Stickiness into submission. He thought it would look so nice on my eagle-talon, claw-like hands.

I must say, my quiet time in the kitchen wasn't quite as serene as usual with the paparazzo hounding me again, but this action shot bids him pardon for at least one more day.

And I'll be honest - I kinda liked the bright lights and the incessant clicking of the shutter. I felt so Paula Deene, minus the blue contact lenses and slightly eerie smile.

Holy Butter.

Ree-Ree says to use 2 cups of melted butter, but I only used a little under a cup and a half.

I contemplated the idea that she may have been bluffing. I could almost hear her snickering with the Punks about whether anyone would be silly enough to actually melt 4 sticks of butter and then dump it onto a flat surface that required eventual rolling.

It was a little like trying to roll the ocean up into my beach towel and take it home with me.
Only greasier.

Much, much greasier.

I read a brilliant idea earlier today: Soften the butter and spread it onto the dough.

You know that's what She does.

The secret's out. Who's laughing now, Dubsy?

My sous chef/photographer helped me scoop up the ooze and slap it over top. Every drop of sugar butter counts, when it comes to cinnamon rolls.

Ta-da! One of my SEVEN pans of rolls, drizzled in maple-flavored butter and ready to fly out the door.

Geez Louise - they were good. Definitely best straight from the oven, but not too shabby the next ayem, either.


  1. Sounds so delish! I heard about these rolls from my sister-in-law on christmas. I'm a little intimated by dry active yeast too but after this post I'll be makin' them this weekend. Yumm!!!!!

  2. Good for you! I get a crazy idea to try that pretty much about every time I turn up pregnant...but my results have always been less than stellar. More rocky, less doughy. Ick. Congrats on conquering the yeast! We are still not friends, yeast and I.

  3. Bravo,
    I am so proud of you!They looked so yummy.
    "Do it scared"...Hahahaha, I almost fell off the sofa!!
    Cooking is really so much easier than it looks at first. Well, that bird is waiting so better get to it. Pictures please! :)

  4. "It was a little like trying to roll the ocean up into my beach towel and take it home with me.
    Only greasier."

    LOVE that line!

    Keep up the good work, girl! ; )

  5. fab! i might just have to try these soon...as for this morning's cinnie rolls, well those are coming straight from the can!

  6. Holy cow! I love, love, love cinnamon rolls. I have a bit of an addiction. I've always been afraid to try them at home, but this will soon change. For now I have a roll of pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the fridge (reduced fat, thank goodness( that is going right into my oven this morning thanks to you.

    P.S. I think you have beautiful hands.

  7. Cinnamon rolls..if I could live on one food alone, it would be those. I got PW's cookbook too and thought, "Looks yummy but I CAN'T make those." intimidating. But, I think they are calling my name. Today! Thanks.... for the new layer of fat that will go on my rear! :)

  8. "Do it scared" is an awesome motto. Really, what can you lose, right?? A pound of butter, some flour and a couple hours of your time--not that big of a deal in the grand scheme.

    And they are so worth it, right?? Right?? You need not fear yeast again.

    Oh, and I totally melted ALL FOUR sticks of butter b/c I AM that silly. ;)

  9. I like "do it scared" too. That really could work for lots of situations.

    I actually made a vegan version of her cinnamon rolls, and they turned out great! We gave some away and ate some for days. We even had some for dinner one night!

  10. I agree with Jen...you have lovely hands! I'm not to shy to say, that I think I'm the Queen of Cinnamon Rolls! I always soften the butter, never melt....I use a cream cheese frosting...did you think PW's were too sweet?

    I thought of you yesterday....I was sewing .....with bobbins. :-D

  11. Oh I shouldn't have read that when I was hungry for breakfast! Those look amazing!

  12. My hips curse you. Now that I have seen these....I have to make them. Ugh! ~mary~

  13. I'm just sorry I wasn't home when you brought them by! :)

  14. "do it scared" has a nice ring to it :0
    could you send a pan my way over here in fairtucky?
    i may have to try that recipe...
    one time back in my 9th gr. year... i successfully made cinnamon rolls for our school bake sale. we had a bunch of the old "pot-pie" mini-size tins cluttering up the kitchen cabinets, so i made each roll the size of a pot-pie....the angels sang, and every one of my 24 jumbo rolls sold!
    i wish i could get my grubby mitts on some more of those pans!

  15. YUM! Looks like the last thing I need to eat before I TRIM down! 7 pans?!? Goodness... do they freeze well?

    Happy New Year!

  16. mmmmmm......looks yummy!
    now you've got me thinking:)

  17. I loove cinammon buns! Everyone seems to be making them lately so I better get on board. You have lovely hands and a gorgeous rock!

  18. Pretty ring! Love your blog, by the way. Always makes me smile and your kids are the cutest! Couldn't help but notice you LOVE your butcher block island. We're about to get rid of our laminate and get granite, but I want butcher block on the island...hubby isn't convinced. Is it a lot of maintenance? Do you have to cure it or something so it's not just raw wood? Any suggestions to convince Mr. Right would be awesome!

  19. Your rolls look awesome! I finally made a whole chicken a couple months ago....it is possible to clean out the cavity without actually touching or looking at any of the contents. I think it was worth it, because it was quite tasty. Give it a try! You can tie the legs together with thread from your bobbin.

  20. YUMMM! Why have I not seen a pan of those on my door step? ;) kidding. But really, they look delish!

  21. I have to say I just love your blog! I haven't ever commented though. I also made PW's cinnamon rolls but mine did not turn out. Seriously, I have no idea what I did wrong. I even used a thermometer for my liquid so I wouldn't kill my yeast. They were so sticky and a mess but it didn't stop us from eating them. =P Guess I'll try again. I was pretty bummed though, considering the time I put into it.

  22. I made these too! Christmas eve my sis in law and I stayed up and decided our babies NEEDED these! We found with the second roll that if we add just enough butter to the sugar and cinnamon to make a paste and then spread the paste it makes it so much easier and less messy. Beautiful rolls!

  23. Yum!

    You are brave. They look delicious.

  24. Every weekend I say I am going to make PWs recipe and then I seem to get lazy but your post has definitely motivated me to make some next weekend when I have some extra time.

  25. I am thinking of making these for New Years Day. They totally undermine my healthy eating resolutions for the year but...they look so good!

  26. Your cinnamon rolls look sound yummy,,,,, you did a great job,, and so did your hubs taking the photos...

    Happy New Year!


  27. Girl you did good. Love the pics and those rolls looked amazing!! Glad you did it scared...ha;)

  28. I remember many a visit to the OH, when i would make such a roll for the family. You make me so proud! Love Vickie

  29. congratulations! they turned out! very fun and cute post! So you felt like Paula Deen huh? Rock and all... :P

  30. I need to get back to commenting ASAP because I have to scroll down like MAD in order to comment. Seven pans! Wow. Paula Deen would approve! Seven sticks of butter, WOW!

  31. Holy butter - these look great! Thanks for stopping by our little blog, hope you enjoy the granola recipie! :)