Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So, the rolls.

As I was saying, I finally hopped aboard the Pioneer Woman cinnamon roll train.

I was so nervous, what with the packets of dry active yeast and all. But then I remembered my friend Becky's mantra: "Do it scared", and I did it.

I have a feeling those three little words are going to open up a whole new world for me this year. A world where sewing machine bobbins do not turn me into a hair-twirling nail-biter and where I muster the courage to clean out the cavity and roast the danged bird.

I love my butcher block island and I loved tossing flour all over it even more.
I cannot stress this enough - don't be stingy with the flour. I was a little stingy and it did not serve me well...

Hey - check out my new rock! Cory surprised me with it just as I was about to flatten Her Royal Stickiness into submission. He thought it would look so nice on my eagle-talon, claw-like hands.

I must say, my quiet time in the kitchen wasn't quite as serene as usual with the paparazzo hounding me again, but this action shot bids him pardon for at least one more day.

And I'll be honest - I kinda liked the bright lights and the incessant clicking of the shutter. I felt so Paula Deene, minus the blue contact lenses and slightly eerie smile.

Holy Butter.

Ree-Ree says to use 2 cups of melted butter, but I only used a little under a cup and a half.

I contemplated the idea that she may have been bluffing. I could almost hear her snickering with the Punks about whether anyone would be silly enough to actually melt 4 sticks of butter and then dump it onto a flat surface that required eventual rolling.

It was a little like trying to roll the ocean up into my beach towel and take it home with me.
Only greasier.

Much, much greasier.

I read a brilliant idea earlier today: Soften the butter and spread it onto the dough.

You know that's what She does.

The secret's out. Who's laughing now, Dubsy?

My sous chef/photographer helped me scoop up the ooze and slap it over top. Every drop of sugar butter counts, when it comes to cinnamon rolls.

Ta-da! One of my SEVEN pans of rolls, drizzled in maple-flavored butter and ready to fly out the door.

Geez Louise - they were good. Definitely best straight from the oven, but not too shabby the next ayem, either.