Friday, January 8, 2010

Ruche - Anthro for the Common Girl

I don't remember the first time I walked into an Anthropologie, but I walked back out a changed woman.

Maybe the Demeter "Tomato" perfume had gone straight to my head, I don't know, but I began to fancy myself a gal who frequented polo tournaments and holidayed in Nantucket. I lunched at The Ivy and aided in humanitarian efforts in the mountainous regions of Argentina. I was quirky. Girly. Rich.

Trouble was, I had a rough go of reconciling my Pretend Me with my Real Me, who is only 30% quirky, 40% girly and 5% rich.

It took me years upon years to fully actualize the heart of the matter - I wanted to buy the illusion of Anthropologie. I began to understand that I could satisfy my 40% girly side with a flowery frock from TJ Maxx and spend the $128 dollars I saved on things I would actually wear in my normal, unglamorous life. Or, I could just not spend those dollars at all. Or, I could bump up my weekly grocery budget by roughly $2.

That's an extra bag of Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips, baby. I ain't playin'.

Of course, I will continue to drool on every Anthro catalog that darkens my door. I will admire the photography, the sets, the exotic locales, the edgy haircuts, the angsty girls.

My heart rate will still momentarily quicken when I walk through those carved wooden doors. I may even buy something from the back room, or, you know, a cabinet pull or two.

Meanwhile, I've discovered Ruche. I've never actually purchased anything, but I've had five or six gratifying rounds of Pretend Shopping, so it's certainly worth sharing.

Much of the stuff seems a little young to me, but some of it is deliciously earthy and feminine and almost, very nearly affordable.

Go on, poke around a little. Let me know if you agree.

bookworm knitted sweater vest
Bookworm knitted sweater vest
(How badly do I want to button this up over a pinstriped oxford?)

potato sac ruffled linen dress
(This was out of stock in my size when I found it, or I may very well have made my inaugural Ruche purchase.)

quilted flower patch dress
(Swoony Prairie Yum.)

strawberry bouquet necklace
(No clue what I'd wear this with, but it speaks to me all the same.)