Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Week So Far

I'm no world traveler.

I like being at home. You know...I'm an introvert and all.

On nights when Cory works late, I typically don't turn on the tv (unless The Bachelor happens to be on) or even music. I love the sound of silence.

And the tapping of a keyboard, of course.

And the crunching of Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips.

And maybe even the flipping of pages.

But all of that is neither here, nor there.

And thankfully, you expect nothing less from me.

We're back to our routine - back home. Hallelujah.

Here's what we've been up to this week:

Calvin as Toby Mac

(My son has a fascinating/freakish propensity for encircling himself with random objects. And he's a pack rat, so there is never a shortage of said random objects. Thoughts? Feelings?)

FPFG perfuming herself with cloves of garlic.

(I made my first batch of homemade pizza sauce. More on that later...)

Morning art class.

Ruby's masterpiece, which manages to be both in the lines and out of the lines, all at the same time.

Building without ceasing.


Or, if you prefer, (and I do), Ruby-Derby.

I love my life. I want to smooch it on the forehead.


  1. "Smooch it on the forehead" is THE best description I've heard for home life happiness. What a wonderful feeling it is to be happy with your life!!

  2. Yes, I love my life. This is something I say at the most simple times. I too am a home body and love it... This post could be me. LOL

  3. I love my life at home, too.

    I'd much prefer staying home to a fancy vacation or some big night out. These days won't last forever, so I am enjoying every last second out of them.

  4. Lovely post! I wish I could spend more time at home, I love being at home, Have a sweet day!

  5. You are such a precious girl. I love your life too. And so happy to know that we find common ground with The Bachelor.

  6. I love my home life as well--it doesn't get any better than this does it?

    Oh, and did you know, the Bachelor starts in January. Not quite sure how I feel about Jake being the man, but I'll be hooked regardless!

  7. what a great life you DO have! I watch the bachelor too - makes me feel really glad I am not single at the moment. All the best, Lori

  8. Silence... what is that? When I hear it, I am giddy with glee. I love your little pack rat. My oldest is 8 and is still a pack rat and she is training my 4 year old in "pack-ratness." What a beautiful week, you had. Life is grand, isn't it? Love your cute layered look while sniffing the garlic, by the way. :)

  9. You are all just a bunch of sweeties, now aren't you! Ruby -derby, too funny (as she snorts at her desk in laughter)...isn't life just something else when you sit back and take it all in! Happy day!

  10. Can we hear some "Love is in the House" from brother Calvin? (my all time fave T-Mac song.)
    I too am a homebody, but I need noise to keep me company...usually a certain news channel does the trick.
    Lots to love in your life. Smooch away!

  11. Oh I love this post...just precious pictures! You are is so wonderful to enjoy home!

    And I've got two pack rats for sure {hubby and oldest daughter...and seeing signs from my youngest now too}...oh no!

  12. I finally caught up on your posts. I'm so glad you blog... I enjoyed every single donut. and the legos and the 'bandstand.' :)

  13. I think this might be a first (from memory). You referred to yourself in the third person, or perhaps you were just referring to your alter-ego. ;)