Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Krispy Christmas!

We have a tradition around these parts that is near and dear to our hearts.

And our midsections.

Come to Mama.

Have I ever told you how much I love doughnuts?

They're fried...yet soft.

The dichotomy of the ages.

Every Winter we choose a random evening and surprise the kids with an impromptu trip. We don't tell them until after they're in their jammies.

What could be more scandalous to a pre-schooler than getting ready for bed and then Wham! you're in the car, headed out for doughnuts?

I even gave them candy canes to tide them over on the 30 minute car ride.

And we let them listen to Christmas music.

Early into the trip a particularly disdainful song came on and Calvin said, "Awwwwww! Frosty again? We just heard this!"

I was so proud.

On our way, we drove through a neighborhood of glitzy/trashy Christmas lights. But let's talk fried delicacies first.

I heard recently that KK is on the short road to bankruptcy. It brought a tear to my eye.

Last night, as soon as we walked in to buy donuts, the girl handed each of us a free one - hot off the presses.

And it all started to make sense...

If only Taco Bell would start tossing Taco Supremes to everyone in line.

Of course I felt bad not buying doughnuts after they gave each of us a freebie, so the kids each got a sprinkled mini and I got a regular-sized lemon filled.

It seemed rude to only buy minis.

The whole experience harkened me back to my first job out of college, as a social worker. Our office was in a strip mall, right next to a grocery store. 4 out of 5 days a week, I would walk next door on my break and buy not one, but two doughnuts.

It never crossed my mind that I should reconsider my approach.

Cory was perplexed/outraged/rankled by the lighting in KK. It was yellowy. Hazyish.

I think it may have been a thick cloud of doughnut grease hanging in the air.

Notes to self:
1. Do something with the hair. (And no, ponytails don't count.)
2. Buy some eye cream - stat.
3. Good choice on the lemon filled.

Ruby opted to jog some of the calories off.

Nothing like a brisk run along the doughnut factory assembly line.

Calvin fell asleep about 45 seconds into the trip back home.

I think he may have been faking. That's what I used to do.

I took a page from his playbook, but Cory refused to carry me inside and tuck me into bed.

He's mean when he has sweets.


  1. That is about the best idea I have ever heard - too bad we have a wheat allergy or I'd do this tonight!

  2. How fun!! That is something your kids will remember forever. So wonderful!!

  3. How fun...and "scandalous" is a fab word!!! Love it...seems like so much fun...and the taco bell comment...perfect!

  4. I love that you took the kids in their jammies and drove a half hour. I remember in college we took a road trip at 9 pm to the nearest Krispy Krack which was an hour away! This post was so fun and made me laugh. I wish you lived in my neighborhood so we could do KK runs together! LOVE some doughnuts hot off the conveyor thingy.

  5. Your like my long lost sister. Fried Dough is literally my heaven on earth. I mean any fried dough, doughnuts, Fry bread, what's the Mexican version of Fry bread? Whatever that is....pretty much anything will do for me. And yes, Avacado's are the good fat....a girl after my own heart.
    And your hubs is right the lighting in KK sucks. I think that's why they are on the brink...that lighting and then your shoveling in donuts...who could feel worse? Ok, well not us of course. Anything for a good doughnut. ;)

  6. Your kids are so freakin cute! I mean, what is better than pjs and snowboots... you are a fun mom!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  7. You crack me up!

    Jenny L.

  8. You are the best parents EVER!!! : ) Unfortunately, for me Krispy Kreme is an hour and a snow stormy mountain pass away...and it's not even Krispy Kreme anymore...I think it's a Kool Kreme now...sounds like a cigarette. Oh, and I did that too...faked sleepin' so I'd get carried into the house.

    Nifty post.

    : )

    Julie M.

  9. You're totally right...Taco Smell should start handing out free taco supremes. They'd make up for it in my business alone.

  10. ahahahah. he should carry you in and tuck you in!!! dang it. and you midwesterner's like donuts like we easterners like ice cream. *swoon*

  11. What a great tradition you've started with your little ones! They will remember those trips many years from now!

    PS - LOVE the picture of the carolers - too much fun!!!

  12. This is such a great idea! I love the picture of the kids in front of the tree--classic!

    I'm partial to the rasberry filled...but honestly when it comes to Krispy Kreme, it doesn't matter as long as I get me one.

  13. It's amazing how many wrongs Krispie Kreme can make right...
    Love the snow boot/jammie combo!

  14. Absolutely love the first pic with the kiddos in their jammies oogling the fine goods through the window! What a nifty treat for them! And I'm with you on the taco bell idea Muchacha. : )

    Be well ~Andrea~

  15. That is the sweetest tradition! I LOOOOOOOVE Krispy Kreams. We used to have them here, but no more. :( Oh how we miss them. Have a great day!

  16. Hate, hate, hate you this morning. I have a serious doughnut problem. We have an incredible doughnut place close by but you better be in line by 6am to get the good ones. I haven't been to a KK since I lived in Memphis. I didn't know they had them in these parts.

    What is it about little toddlers bottoms that is so adorable?

  17. We have a VERY similar (yet slightly different) tradition. We head next door to KK to Chik-Fil-A for dinner, then head out to see the lights. We'll be in that exact same area on Saturday night. I can't wait...you're right, the neighborhood can be a little trashy at times -- some people think if they put 1000 lights EVERYWHERE, it's better than choosing where to put th elights. But yes, I can't wait...we'll have all 3 kids for this trip for the first time!

  18. Wow, you are the fun parents! Will you be my mommy? We had a KK an hour away, but it closed shortly after it opened. Probably just as well....maybe it's the freebees that are doing them in....that was always enough for me.
    Adorable photo's, yellow light and all!

  19. That's such a great idea! I wish we had a KK nearby - actually maybe I don't b/c I'd be buying new pants too!!

  20. Now THIS is something to add to the Christmas fun list!!

  21. LOVE that tradition!! We may need to take that one for ourselves. Doughnuts are our favorite thing, but we NEVER allow it!! NEVER! Because it is out favorite thing and oh so bad for us, but on Christmas...it just might work. Thanks for the great idea. Our Krispy Kreme closed, so we'll have to think of another place.

  22. Lovin' those pink boots with the jammies! Maybe, just maybe...if I put my cutest ones on tonight...my husband will take me to Krispy Kreme before I go to bed! Talk about scandalous! Krispy Kreme would be bankrupt for sure. Me in my PJs and pink boots would send those customers right out the door. ;o) ~mary~

  23. I am now officially joining your family. My mom was a member of the local co-op and bought all our coconut in bulk:-) I don't really like donuts...but give me a plain, glazed Krispy Kreme (that is warm) and I think I could eat one after another until I had a tummy ache!!! Love your tradition.

  24. We love Krispy Kreme too! When I lived in NY I never heard of them until I met my husband (he's from TN). He introduced me to them and I've never looked back. lol

  25. K, first off you are probably the coolest mom EVA...and two, how did Calvin fall right to sleep after having donuts? Mine would have been bouncing up and down in his seat..! 3rd...AWESOME tradition...my pool man would probably like to join your family...! :) I am mean when I eat sweets...(snicker).

  26. ahhhh...donuts, one of the many guilty pleasures:)

    what a cute idea to take them in their pj's... they look so much cuter than the 350lb guy i see shopping at the grocery store every sunday in his pj's!

    i am doubting the yellow haze is donut grease, although it's a nice try...white balance in one of my many nemesis's - artificial lighting stinks.

    and i have to ask if that shot of yourself was a personal fave?! great minds think alike, but the ponytail is so handy, and if you find some good eye cream, you let me know!

  27. A girl after my own heart. i can eat donuts breakfast, lunch or dinner. I don't discriminate either. I'll eat them all. Hostess, donut shack, Krispy Kreme. I love how your daughter decided to do a little "calorie burn"right after. My youngest would be bouncing off the walls too. She is soooo my kid!

  28. What an awesome memory-maker for your kids! Love it.

  29. What a cute idea!!!
    Now I want lots of doughnuts :)

  30. This reminds me of the time that we were on vacation and for some reason every member of my family woke up at 4:44 a.m. We took this as a divine sign that we should go to Krispy Kreme. We left the hotel in our pajamas to go get a treat, and then came back and slept some more. My daughter was 6 at the time and thought it was absolutely outrageous.

  31. Gosh I just love reading your blog. I was clear back on page 7 today. There are so many posts I could have/should have commented on, but I figured it might seem kind of weird getting 20 some comments on months old posts from a complete stranger. :) You always make me smile and usually a laugh as well. Your take on life and your ramblings are always delightful. Love it! Enjoy this Christmas. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us.


    PS. My hair is always in that ponytail too. :)

  32. I've always thought that you would make the perfect social worker after reading your entries. I guess I was right! I'm in school right now getting my social work degree.

  33. Your children are adorable. What a special evening and they will always have such great memories of their childhood. Thank you for sharing. It puts me more in the spirit.

  34. KK did go bankrupt here in Tucson and all of them closed down last year but there is rumor that they are coming back...my fingers are crossed!! Your kids are too cute in their footed pj's.

  35. The Krispy Kreme in out town went out of business. I had nothing to do with it!

    Can you be my mom? That is SO cool yankin' the kids out of the house and putting them into a sugar coma before bed. Love it.

    I hacked all my hair off and now pony tails aren't an option. It wasn't a good plan.

    Could never be made at you. Been baking all day, just smelling stuff. Getting sick of the sight of cookies at the moment.

  36. Made at you? Um...that should be 'mad' at you.

  37. Love the KK trip idea! Now I am hungry for one!!!

  38. okay, like we had to EDUCATE our missouri friends what it meant when "the hot sign is on." poor dears had no clue!!! all the more for us - did i just say that? LOL

  39. LOVE the pic of your precious two with backs to the camera looking at the yummies...

    They are the sweetest!

  40. Nice photos! (I can't believe I haven't commented this far back!)

  41. Ok, I don't know how I got to this post or why, but this is the BEST. POST. EVER.

    I really think I'm going to start doing this with little Miss M. We don't have a doughnut shop in town, but we have a 24-hour dive that anyone rarely visits, and I can't figure out why, because everything is fabulous. I guess people are too busy at our Dakota's Steakhouse, Pizza Hut, Bob Evans, and other fast food places to remember the first little restaurant in our town. Oh well...their loss!