Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Black and White and Read All Over

Remember these?

I got a wild hair to doll up this year's Christmas tree in letters and numbers. I'm obsessed, you're obsessed, we're all pretty obsessed with typography. Why not use it to celebrate the season, right?

The only problem was, I didn't really have any numbers or letters fit for the tree.

Then Sandy came to my rescue and I never looked back.

Here's a fact about me: I'm very ficklish.

Every year, our tree is different. Growing up we did the whole "drag the boxes out and decorate the tree", but I don't know what to say - I change my mind a little every year.

Last year, we had this:

The raspberry tree. You know how much I love raspberries...

There was actually just one, lone raspberry. The overall vibe of the tree was fairly bland - Shiny Brites with some other random miscellany tossed on for good measure.

This year, I longed for something different. Something less... pink.

After securing my $10 box of goods, my next dilemma was some sort of a garland. I thought of vintage measuring tapes, I tried unsuccessfully to locate "Contractor's Tape" per the suggestion of an in-the-know friend. I came up empty handed.

Then, late one night, tossing and turning in my bed, it hit me: newspaper garland.

Paper chain.

Newspaper chain.

We're currently in budget lockdown mode, so this was perfect. It's true that most of my good ideas strike when I'm supposed to be sleeping...some of them strike when I am sleeping. But more on that another time.

Actually, I'll just tell you now: There for a while I would dream first lines of a chapter in a book I was writing. (In my dream.) I'm not really writing a book. And I never really knew what these obscure lines meant, but I always had the feeling that I should write them down.

Alas - too tired.

Now, I give you: The Newspaper Tree.

It's my favorite tree of all time. I may even resurrect it next year.

Although, by then I'll probably be scrounging around for my white pom pom fringe...

and unearthing my stash of individual white silk flower blossoms that I hand strung...

Regardless, I'll always have this guy. I wonder which look he likes best?

Check out The Inspired Room for more Christmas ideas from people far craftier than I. :)


  1. I have no idea how I got here but you're so going in my favorites :) I love this tree. Also, reading further I got the best chuckle of the day about your rotten cookies and dumpster rats... priceless that!

  2. Love the look of your tree this year! Maybe we will get ours up this year before Christmas...

  3. What fun! Thank you for sharing your tree with us, Mrs. Flower Patch FG. Thank you for sharing with us so that we could read all about it.

    : )

    Julie M.

  4. I love this news paper garland idea, i may have to pirate it for my own tree if you don't mind :)
    Think it's to mean to add this to this to the list of my kids weekend chores???

  5. Nice...I love it too. Of course I am also obsessed with typography, but the newspaper garland is very clever. I could see some burlap (very inexpensive) in there too!:)

  6. This is so incredibly clever and creative!

    Yes, Christy is my sister...she "introduced" me to you! Have a wonderful weekend with your tree (and family too of course)!

  7. beautiful!!! it looks so homey and warm

  8. yeah yeah yeah, we all know it looks great. you're the flower patch farmgirl, we pretty much expect the typical greatness now.

    what the people REALLY want is more Cory. I mean, I was talking to him yesterday and we both agreed you don't devote nearly the amount of blog space to him that is needed. Sure, the topic of your blog may not be your husband, but really Shannan, it should be.


  9. Oh it's truly fantastic! I'm LOVING it! Great idea & my favorite is the paper plate angel! I have 2 paper plate elves & a paper plate santa on my fridge right now!

  10. Who'd a thunk it?? Using the resources in your house. Well, I'll tell you who. My Nana (grandma) always used to pull something together from nothing. That's what you did and it looks F-A-B-U-L-0-U-S!!! Love the angel topper, too!

  11. Shannan...seriously you have become amazing with all these paper thingys. I LOVE your tree. VERY COOL!!! Kind of beats out my Charlie Brown, multi-colored mixture of handmade old ornaments.

  12. You, my friend, are ridiculously creative and talented. Yet another score for Crafty Clara. Paper chains bring back such magical childhood Christmas memories. Fun!

  13. What a great idea, your tree is beautiful!

  14. It looks so amazing! I love it!! And I LOVE the newspaper chains- really, really, really clever!!

  15. Darling, darling... darling!! LOVE IT!

  16. Are we raspberry ornament twins? I just posted one on my blog today! Weird. I totally ripped off your paper snowflake idea (they'll be on my blog Monday) but I promise I didn't steal your raspberry!

  17. Ok, that looks darling! Very clever idea! I love "outside of the box" decorating! Super cool!

  18. I LOVE it!! so much!


  19. Oh my gosh, that is SOOO adorable!!! I absolutely love it. And what a great way to decorate using things that aren't typically "Christmas", but look absolutely stunning. This tree looks like it'd be in Country Living. Or BHG. Love it! I also love the old box you put it in. ♥

  20. Very well done! I like it a lot:)

  21. I love the tree-it looks great. I have a different look every year too, I guess it's fun to mix things up!

    As for the dreams, I bet there's something you could learn from those-you oughta write them down. I keep a little pad of paper by my bed just for that reason!

  22. Oh my gosh. Okay, this might shock you. You are creative. That tree blows me away. I reserve the right to copy it one day. You are the coolest girl I know.

  23. I love it, I love it, I love it!!!

    From one sleep-idea-producing gal to another...write that stuff down! What if you come up with an answer to all of the world's problems and you fail to put it on paper?!


  24. I'm way always. But, let me tell you this about that: I don't need to see any other crafty ideas. That newspaper tree is awesome!! You are the epitome of creative. :-)


  25. Visiting from Layla's. You are one clever, crafty girl. Love this tree.

  26. I whole-heartedly plan on stealing your newspaper Christmas tree garland idea for next year. It'll still cost me a little more than nothing, since we don't get the paper. Oooooh! This might be my first big foray into dumpster diving!

  27. oh wait! i really love this too. now what am i supposed to do?? thanks for confusing me for Christmas 2013 already ;)

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