Friday, December 4, 2009

Farewell, Louie.

Here's something I already knew, but it bears repeating: There is beauty to be found in every corner of America. Whenever I visit a new place, my heart feels just a tiny bit sad upon leaving. Louisville was no exception.

We discovered the coolest little area of small, independently-owned restaurants (The most phenomenal Italian and Greek meals I have had in ages...) smack dab in the midst of rundown shotgun houses and a school for the blind.

We passed a semi truck hauling tobacco bales and (cigarette industry controversies aside) it just struck me as beautiful and almost foreign. I have never seen that before. Have never even considered it. Yet to the man in the truck, it's all in a day's work.

All of that to say: Louisville was a hit, but we are home now and it feels so nice. I'm ready to slow it down. I've already been to the grocery, so I have that contented, "cupboards full" feeling. Now, it's time to decorate the persnickety tree and dole out some Christmastime fun.

For Mr. and Mrs. Flower Patch Farmgirl and their brood, the season has finally come.

(The next time you see Cory, please, please refer to him as Mr. Flower Patch Farmgirl. I just know he'll love it!)


  1. Larry would understand this post and as a life-long lover of the bluegrass state, so do I! Glad you have a great time! Welcome home!

  2. Oh too funny. My honey can be Mr. Farmgirl Paints:) Glad you had a great time.

  3. Welcome home and so glad that it was wonderful. I agree...everywhere I go in this country I amazed at its unique beauty!!

  4. So glad you're home. I think we both will be working on the Christmas decorating today. Thanks for making me feel better last night.

  5. Welcome home and enjoy your weekend full of holiday splendor with your family!


  6. Welcome home girlfriend. Tell Mr. Flower Patch Farmgirl That my Husband - Mr. White Flower would love to get together for a guys night out. All the best, Lori

  7. This is why I love to travel so much. Everytime I see a new place I see more new beauty and character that I've never seen before. :D

  8. I love the ornaments made out of cute!
    sandy toe

  9. From Cory cake stands to Mr. Flower patch farm it! Can't wait to tell Dad!