Monday, December 28, 2009

A Change of Plans

I had all sorts of things to tell you today.

I was going to tell you about my fun afternoon with Brooke and Sarah.

I was ready to dish about my inaugural baking of The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.

Have you heard of her? P-Dub?

I became a big fan over a year ago when my friend Linds alerted me to her site. I spent hours on end reading about how she fell in love with Marlboro Man and I've been hooked ever since then.

Well, semi-hooked.

I still love her, but come on - no way does she read all of those comments. I think a blog starts to lose a tiny bit of the personal feel when the comment ticker reaches the thousands each and every day.

It's not your fault, P-Diddy Wub-Widdy.

I love you all the same.

I'm just not hooked anymore.

But I'm definitely still semi-hooked.

I'm still very much quasi-obsessed.

I still stalk you in a very nonthreatening, casual manner.

We all need our space, now and then. I hope you understand.

I made your mac & cheese for Cory's work party and it was a hit. I used 2% milk instead of whole, though. Can we still be friends?



Hi. I'm back. Sorry about that. I needed to go ahead and jot homegirl a note while it was fresh on my mind.

Where was I?

Oh yes, my day.

In what surely qualifies as a full-circle moment, I returned home from my fun afternoon out to find Cory grinning from ear to ear. I knew immediately what had happened. I knew it involved his beastly camera.

I was right.


"By CBMartin. I’m in love with this!"

P-Dub is in love with my man. At least that's how I took it.

And who can blame her, really?

*Love Ya Like A Sister


  1. I'm the first to comment so I know you're going to read this even if your ticker count goes into the 1000s!!! :)
    Way to go Cory!!!!

  2. woohoo! that photo is incredible! my husband takes great photos. I am more about "take the photo so I don't miss the cute thing the kid is doing." He gets it right. I need to learn to "bokeh." I wonder if it is as hard as the Macarena...

    Happy New Year!

  3. I saw that pic on her site and thought of you! Really I did! There was someone with a pic named farmgirl or something and then that pic reminded me of you too. I think because of the dinasour one! Congrats to the husband! How crazy of a blogger are you when you can read Pioneer Woman and pic out your other blog ladies (thats what I call of my blog ladies).

  4. OK...that photo is awesome!!! I can't imagine having a thousand comments....that is so crazy!

  5. I was so out of the loop - I had to go see what PDubs was all about! Congrats to your hubs - I agree he takes fab photos!

  6. Wow, I really thought my childhood school friends and I made up LYLAS...bummer.

    Temper that with my love of the's harder than it looks. Congrats :)

  7. "Funky Christmas," by Whispers..just started playing on the holiday music channel...

    Yeah, I could of sworn I just saw your G-men's hips wiggling to the disco beat!

    : )

    Julie M.

  8. Yep, had never heard of P-Dub before you mentioned I had to check her out, but her blog is waaaayy too much for me. Stresses me out a little. I like blogs I can keep up with =) Nice pic btw...NAILED IT (as the Nard-dog from the Office would say).

  9. Gotta love a man who loves photography!!:) There's a lot of acronyms used in this post that I don't have a clue what they stand I'm feeling a little "out of it" and stupid, but I still love ya...and am fully-hooked none-the-less!!!

    :) T

  10. Great image! So artsy-fartsy ;)

    Pioneer Gal has some killer actions that I love playing with. Yes, she's a big 'ole blog rock star now, isn't she? Fun to say "we knew her when.."

  11. I saw her post about the contest and thought about your pic - "That would be a great entry!" Congrats!

    BTW - you could BE the next Pioneer Woman! : )

  12. How very cool Shannan!

    I know what you mean about PW. I met her, loved her, love her, but hardly ever ever comment, cause I feel, what's the point? Gotta admire what she's done though. Marketing genius! Just doesn't feel real and personal anymore to me....

    What did you think of the cinnamon rolls? Aaron made the Marmalade Muffins yesterday.

    What does LYLAS mean!? It's too early in the am for me to figure it out!

  13. WOW...your hubby takes great photos...that one is spectacular! I love it...and over a 1000 comments...holy cow!

  14. What a proud, well deserved moment for your guy! Oh to live with such talent...

  15. Such a great pic! Congrats to your hubby,
    Wishing you all the happiness for 2010!

  16. if we're making a list of people in love with your man, we're going to need a lot more room on this server.

  17. I just stumbled upon you blog, and I love it! Also, I love the Pioneer Woman, and am amazed by all of her comments. Hope you have a great New Year!

  18. Just found your blog...I'm sticking around if you don't mind. It's comfy over here...

  19. Way to go Cory! It takes talent to rise above the masses in PW's contests. Very cool photo. I am a daily P-Diddy reader, but I only comment for the giveaway's. And I'm sure I'm going to win every single time. And I'm so surprised every single time I don't. Pathetic.

  20. Nive job Cory, great photo!! And I agree Shannan 1000 comments, how can she read them all...but I love that she can do it all! I used to be somewhat obsessed with her site as well, I took break from it, but i tend to linger here and there...but ya know what? i find yours VERY amusing and when you get to have over 1000 comments I do hope you remember the wee ones like me! :) Happy new year!

  21. uhm yeah that was NICE job! ya know those fat fingers of mine, get me into trouble all the time! :)

  22. Yep totally agree...I'm losing my zeal for miss Ree. Even though I stood in line for her autograph for 5 1/2 hours:) Her blog just can't be personal anymore...too many dang people reading it! Bummer:(

  23. I still love Ree, but a couple years ago she answered questions and now she is a "blog superstar"...not her fault though...still read her daily...(most the time) did the cin. rolls turn out?

  24. Very fun! Prop to the in-house TMZ-wanna be!

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