Monday, November 9, 2009

Ugly Food Alert and Weekly Menu Plan

I am a big believer in planning a weekly menu.

It all started with Dave Ramsey. A budget will do that to a girl.

Gone were the days of strolling the aisles absent-mindedly and tossing things into the cart with each passing whim, only to have half of it rot in the crisper.

Now, I shop armed with a list, which is documented in accordance with the floor plan of the store.

Doesn't everyone do this?

You would think that this obsessive-compulsive technique would eliminate forgotten items, but tisn't so.

Now let's get down to brass tacks.

Monday (a.k.a. Today): Knock Off Olive Garden Capellini Pomodoro with fresh garlic bread

The trifecta. You just can't go wrong here.

Except...well, brace yourself...

Sorry. I mean, I don't really think it's my fault, but I guess you didn't exactly ask me to show you a dish of pasta covered in pink tomatoes. They really were rather pink. And not in the good way.

But! It was Good. It did not taste like OG's shining star, but Cory and I both had seconds.

This seems like a very appropriate time for me to lament the fact that people often find the smell of garlic offensive. If it were up to me, I would request that my home smell like garlic 5 nights a week. I don't even mind when I can smell garlic on my fingertips the following day.

I like it. (Too much?)

On with the show.

Tuesday: Rachel's Healthier Broccoli Cheese Soup (This will be my first attempt, but I trust the source.)

Wednesday: Left-overs (Cory's working late, the kids and I have church. It's a no-brainer.)

Thursday: New York strips ($4 off/lb this week!), Sarah's Rice Pilaf, Greek Salad (Cory does not eat potatoes and is not fond of asparagus. We are improvising.)

Friday: Sunday School party

Saturday: Beef Carnitas with fresh avocado salsa

To Food! {clink}