Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things I Learned Today

Today was hectic but very productive. I spent much of the day baking and cleaning and hiding clutter for my Uppercase Living party, along with my two faithful sidekicks. Around every corner was a new life lesson.

- Some days "getting dressed" means putting a bra on under your pjs.

- I can peel an entire apple in one long strand.

- Calvin will eat 75% of the strand that I just peeled, but will not eat a single bite of apple pie.

- It is too much trouble to deal with Ruby's hair when I know we are not going out in public.

- When Cory takes the kids over to his mom's house, they will probably end up at Dairy Queen (aka "In Public") at some point.

- A surprising number of towels fit inside an empty 20"x 20" pillow cover.

- Even after publicly disparaging Anthropologie, she will always welcome me back.

- "Pretend shopping" is dangerous business.

- I would outlive many of you if stranded on a remote island. Especially Kasey.

- "Said I Loved You But I Lied" by Michael Bolton is a strangely addictive song.

- Kids never tire of licking the beaters.

- Blow-drying my hair and putting make up on at 4 pm seems kind of pointless.

- One of the best reasons to have company is the initiative it provides to clean the house.

- When in doubt, stash it under the sofa.

- When hosting a party, it might be best to remove the mouse trap from the counter.

- Pomegranate seeds rock my socks off.

- It is perfectly acceptable to use china plates with plastic forks and cups.

- I can easily and happily breeze through an entire bottle of salsa in 2 days.

- True friends are those who will call you after your party and offer to come and help you clean up.