Monday, November 2, 2009


What I'm about to share with you is close to my heart and the result of much careful and intentional consideration.

If luck (or lack thereof) should ever find me stranded on a remote island indefinitely, yet with enough forewarning to make some basic preparations, these are the 5 foods that I would like to be stranded along with me.

1. Fresh Raspberries

2. Dannon All Natural Vanilla Yogurt

3. Santitas White Corn tortilla chips. Not yellow corn. White corn.

SANTITAS® White Corn Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

4. Chi Chi's Restaurant Style Mild Salsa. (Don't even get me started on the "Fiesta" variety...)

5. Garden Fresh Mediterranean Hummus - Greek flavor

And just when you thought this couldn't get more excited, I will share with you some of the reasons behind my selections:

1. Yum. So far, I have not grown tired of any of the above-mentioned foods.
2. All major food groups are represented. I'm on a remote island and my rescuer is no where in sight. I need to keep my energy and immunity up! I need to live to tell my story!
3. The chips can be eaten with the hummus or the salsa. The yogurt and berries can be eaten together, or separately. I like options.

A little over a year ago, while vacationing on a not-so-remote and not-entirely-islandic island I made myself vulnerable enough to share my list with our travel companions. My brother-in-law had the nerve to disqualify salsa on the grounds that it is a composite food rather than a whole food. Cory all-too-quickly jumped on the bandwagon, too. I believe they compared it to listing "lasagna" as a food.

Seriously. This is what I deal with.
Salsa is so a condiment in its own right. It's no casserole or famed Italian dish.

All of that to say: Don't mess with my list. I've thought too long and too hard about it to change it now.

It's my list and I'm sticking to it.

So tell me, what's on your list?


  1. I am so happy I set aside Book Three in the saga to check your blog!!!! I'm with you on everything but the salsa - which is weird because I live in the southwest and, well, we have no shortage of salsas. However, it's your story, your deserted island, your survival tactics! You go, girl. Cute post. And funny, as always.

  2. We have similar taste buds, it's scary!

    -BBQ hummus from Whole Foods
    -pita chips
    -peaches that are hard like apples
    -pico salso (to also eat with pita chips)
    -blueberry bagels

    Not a vege in the sad.

  3. So wait, what?? you wanna be stranded on an island with health food??? hahahha. I want full fat steak, butter, chocolate, ice cream, and potatoes!!! ;-)

  4. Rice, Kimchi, Bulgogi, A Yellow Cake with Chocolate frosting that never goes bad, Let's see that's 4...I'll go with Grapefruit Perrier. Something sparkly to make me feel festive. What can I say, not really overly practical, and I'm Korean. Kimchi will ward off any and all bad scurvy like island gunk that's out there. :) I may try to find you on your deserted island for a dip of chips and hummus though.

  5. I'm with ya on the raspberries and chips and salsa.

    I think I'd also like to have movie theater butter popcorn and 100 Grand candy bars. Healthy, huh?

    Are drinks included? If they aren't, I may have to reconsider. Chips and popcorn would make me thirsty!

    And btw, your argument over salsa sounds EXACTLY like something my husband and his friends would gang up on me for. Weird...

  6. That's tough, so I'm guessing I can't say things like pizza so here goes...And this is just food, no drinks? Because I surely can't live without red wine and diet rite cola.
    1. Cheese- most any kind will do but I would prefer a variety of soft and hard
    2. Bread- preferably a crusty baguette
    3. Pasta- probably alfredo if I have to pick one
    4. Dark chocolate
    5. Lobster dripping with butter.

    Oh, I'm starving now. Thanks for that.

  7. you are racist towards corn chips.

  8. For me, there is not 1 ounce of health or food groups. Just what I love since I would be so miserable on a deserted island.
    1. Coffee!!!!!
    2. Cinnamon rolls
    3. Cinnamon roll french toast
    4. granola
    5. garlic bread
    Yep... all carbs. Yep... mostly sugar. At least, I'll have some mean bouts of energy, right?

  9. I only have 2.
    a latte from starbucks and my bottle of red wine.

  10. this is too much... i thought i was the only one who knew how supremely superior the santitas chips were, and of course, dannon vanilla is the only yogurt i would eat. period.

    you've peaked my interest in the chi-chi's becuase i tend to be pretty picky towards salsa in general.

    i am surprised that guacamole didn't make your list?

    i don't think i could be pinned down to five foods. my list would start out something like raisin bran, doughnuts, pizza, pico de gallo....i would be sick by the end of a week!

  11. LOL- I have never thought of this. Always, what movies, people, books, etc... never food, which would be the most logical.

    All I can think of right now is soft pretzels. I think I could live off of soft pretzels forever. So, I guess before I get stranded I need to think of 4 other items :)

  12. Everything except the Hummus sounds good...can't do hummus. I'd need to add something chocolate to my list though...maybe chocolate covered strawberries. ;-)


  13. I LOVED your list, and would probably want the same stuff. And WHO compares salsa to lasagna?! One thing I would add is that I would like to be stranded at Christmas time with a box of Trader Joe's Candy Cane Jo Jo's. Imagine all natural Oreos with a candy cane cream center. Being stranded would allow me to eat that whole box of yummy-ness all by myself!!

  14. Hmmm I have a similar list. I personally think that we should have gotten to choose 5- 10 calorie free foods that still taste good but do nothing to my weight. So, of course, they aren't healthy.
    Here they are:
    Ice Cream-- mint chocolate chip
    Chips and Salsa-- I love Santitas White Corn too
    Carrot Cake
    This concoction that my hubs makes: feta cheese mixed with a little basil, olive oil, and smoked paprika
    See--- I COULD be a vegetarian!

    And, margaritas of course!
    This was fun!


  15. Haha...this is a fun post! :) I think you have every right to claim the salsa as one of your foods of choice. This is a really cute idea. :)

  16. Hmm. This is a pretty good list. I'd need margaritas too. Are they part of any food group?

  17. Oh, only 5 items?! Yipes, I so love my food.

    Here goes...

    Jose Cuervo Gold margaritas
    Cheese (habenero cheddar is a favorite! but most any kind will do)
    Crusty bread
    Mashed potatoes

  18. chocolate
    black tea
    smoked salmon

  19. hmmm. that's a hard one!
    Wine would definitely top my list!! Along with...
    guiltless gourmet blue corn chips
    berries...any kind
    dark chocolate....oh and sea salt!! I salt everything..including my watermelon :)

  20. Mmm..well, I'm late in the game..but I'd have to say:

    green mint frosted lattes
    Mint Zone bars
    bottled water
    Bonne Belle Lip Smacker (not a food...but cannot live without...)
    and last but not least,
    Michael Bublé (Don't you think he's yummy?)

    : )

    Julie M.

  21. "Don't mess with my list"

    That's funny! I hope I'm not stranded on the same island, you missed the McD's food group.

  22. starbucks would be on my list...peppermint latte to be exact
    i believe i would be disappointed on my island.

    our house is NEVER without Santitas! and salsa, and i would think that salsa falls under "veggie"