Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Today

Today was a home day. No work. No sitters. No pre-school.

We stayed in our jammies a little while longer and played.

Some of us spent a few moments in time-out, but whatever.

This cannot be overstated: Save the big boxes. Today it was an office/clubhouse.

Last week it was a canoe.

(Homes can't get enough of his dinosaur jammies.)

These recent days have been gorgeous. The exact kind of days you'ns pined for back in late August.

Sunshiney and gilded and with a touch of crisp.

It's bike-riding weather, but you'd better grab your jacket.

I took this curiously-angled photo of my Salvation Army color-by-number.

Then I lounged on the couch for a spell.

But only for a spell, because Holy Cow! Something is ablaze outside my kitchen window!

Turns out, our Ornamental Pear is also a late bloomer.

Golly, I love Fall.

The rest of our day included:

* Lunch at Jimmy Johns with Daddy (One of us caused a scene -the one with the puffiest hair)
* A quick jaunt into Joann's (I was half-way out the door when a lady ran after me with my envelopes. The envelopes. And it's not even the middle of the month, so ... whew. )
* A fierce round of Jennifer vs. Velociraptor (Calvin's brain child)
* A trip to the dermatologist (both kids in tow) to have two warts frozen off (I have a slight anxiety issue with doctors. I asked him if I was going to cry. It can't be helped. He thought I was a moron. I did not cry.)
* Steaks on the grill (superb!)
* Slightly crunchy rice (Boo.)
* Little people bedtime hijinks
* A lapse in judgment involving white craft paint
* An argument with Cory over the computer mouse (we compromised, ya'lls)
* A visit with Andy Bernard and Co.

It's been a good day.

Good, but long.


  1. Welcome to fall! (finally)
    How in the world do you get Calvin to agree to sleep in footed jammies? Zane is so over those. :(
    When can we get the boys together to play? Maybe we're going to have to invite you guys over (the whole fam) for dinner. Then all the "boys" can "play." December 5th maybe?

  2. I have an old paint by number of a girl that I just adore that I bought on ebay for Lena's room for literally a penny! Then I paid $14 to ship it. lol!

  3. My George loves boxes too. He can't get enough of them. He's 6 years old. He's a big cry baby. He's my 20 pound puppycat.

    I'm glad you had a good day!

    : )

    Julie M.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day! I love fall too, except that tropical storm Ida just took all the leaves off the trees! Eck!

  5. I love Rube's expression in that last one. Glad you had a fun day!!!!!!!!! Your pictures are great and I LOVE that Salvation Army picture. Is it new? I don't think I've seen it. I need to come over soon.

  6. Sounds like a typical day in our house...Jimmy John's and JoAnn Fabrics:)

  7. Sounds like a good day to me...and I am sooo glad I am not the only one who has to adminster time outs...gosh that can get old! ;)happy weekend funny girl!

  8. don't forget that mommies need time-outs, too!
    i used to take them when my munchkins were more mini-sized.
    i would get to the end of my rope and then say, "please excuse me, but I AM TAKING A TIME OUT" (maybe sometimes with a mean voice)

  9. I have been eyeballing these ornamental pear trees in our No.Arizona town. They are still ablaze..I want one...Now. :) Love Jammy days. Perfect.

  10. Okay, so in reading all of that I have a random question. How did the wart freezing go? I have 2 that I need frozen off too, but I'm worried it won't work... It also seems expensive, espeically if it doesn't work. I'd love to know how it went. (random, I know) By the way, I LOVE your paint by number! :D

  11. Hello: Just found your blog via another (that's how we roll right? :-). Anyway, HAD to comment on that paint-by-number. I know they're chic and "in" and all of that, but normally, I'm not too fond of them. HOWEVER yours is Awesome! Absolutely gorgeous.

    Can't wait to read more! Take care.

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