Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Today was a good day.

Well, except for the comments I received from all you crazy cats telling me how charming and sweet it is that my husband covertly stalks me with his Canon.

12 a.m., people. Ain't nothing charming about that hour.

I feel that the photo of my attire might benefit from further explanation... I discovered something today. It felt a little epiphanetic. (Is that a word??? I thought I was making it up, but it's not underlined in red! It's a word. The English language is so zany.)

So, I was pounding away on my laptop all morning - working. I was dressed to the nines in my grey sweats and green robe. I hate to play into that icky stereotype of work-from-homers, but for me, it holds true. I work mostly in my pjs. I know, it's gross. I know. But it eliminates the temptation of galavanting around town when I am supposed to be working. You do whatcha gotta do.

The time finally came to appropriately attire myself - I was in a rush. I chose the striped sweater because I felt sorry for it. I hadn't worn it in a couple of months and I do really like it. But it's a thin weave and come October, I'm concerned primarily with warmth. I grabbed a pinstriped button down for underneath. It was SO bunchy. It took me a good 8 minutes to smooth out the glitches. I hate the feeling of tight bunchiness. It's why I try my dangdest to avoid wearing a bulky winter coat. It's too restrictive. Too confining. Makes me feel trapped.

(Be honest, is this not the most intriguing and gripping parcel of my life's minutia I have ever dispensed of?)

Tick tock. It's 12:46. I should have left 2 minutes ago. Pre-school awaits.

I dashed out the door, hair akimbo, face all Pale Gail. But! I was wearing a real outfit. Flats, even. Problem was, it bored me to tears and I'm the Queen of All Things Boring!

Timely pre-school drop-off behind me, I raced back home for a bowl of leftover beef stew (bleh) before my final Nost Job appointment. And that's when it hit me - Put on the polka dotted belt. Oh, I put it on, alright. And it saved the ever-loving day.

This is my truth: I do not feel entirely Shannan if I am not wearing multiple patterns. It defines me. Give me flowers with stripes; plaid with dots. Give me 5 different kinds of stripes - I'll work it out.

I once wore a turquoise flowered skirt with a bright yellow rugby-striped sweater to church. I told my sister about it later and she confirmed that my church friends probably think something might be wrong with me.

But I'm telling you, this is my most important (and only) fashion tip. Mix it up, girls! Just try it.

And report back, as always.
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  1. Too funny
    I can so relate to the working from home in sweats thing. As soon as I get "all dolled up" I feel like I have to go somewhere. I get so much more accomplished if I just stay casual!!

  2. I am taking your tip and will return with a full report. I was working on mixing it up already, and after seeing your polka dot belt (which, by the way, I love the photo montage it's included in) I feel another burst of energy to keep it up and go for it. I've always loved the look of lots of patterns and don't know why I haven't trusted myself to pull it off. Thanks for the encouragement lady!

  3. Working from home in p.j.'s just makes sense...look at all the wear and tear and p.j.'s can be much cheaper than actual "business attire." : ) I did, however, find it funny to see a grown man (40 something?) in plaid pajama pants and suede slippers in the pop (soda, coke) aisle at the grocery store the other night...yeah. It wasn't even out in the toolies...I was in a Seattle suburb! A couple of minutes later, I turned the corner and saw another one!

    : )

    Julie M.

  4. Polka dot belt? Polka dot belt! I love it!! Wowza! Zinger! It's perfect. I love hearing about your days because it's clear that you are so aware of the little details while I feel like I am sailing through my days on auto pilot. I want to be like you when I grow up.

  5. When i'm not working during the winter months...PJ's are standard attire.....and i thought i was the only one with a fleece blankie always close by....mine is green,red,blue and tan strips and big enough for me and the fur babies.....


  6. Wow flowered turquoise and bright are brave. My wardrobe would bore you I'm sure. Love that you have a style that is an extension of your fun personality.

  7. Sometimes I got my "real job" sans makeup or earrings. It makes me feel like a rebel. And once in a while I will wear something a little kooky. Or at least kooky for me. I'm pretty much a black and white girl (cause that's what's usually on clearance at Kohl's). I've been staring at my printout of your spinach lasagna rolls and I think I'm going to make them for our Thanksgiving dinner.

  8. as you know, you ARE my fashion guru.
    fabulous as always:)

  9. As soon as I get home from work, I love changing into my pj's. I love mixing things up, makes me smile! It is so cheering! Have a sweet day!

  10. i hate,hate,hate, when i feel constricted. i rarely wear a coat because of that! and who doesn't wear their pj's when they are home all day? I've even gone to McD's in mine...haha. So embarrassing to admit :)

    I like that polka dot belt of yours :)

  11. Where where where did you get that polka dot belt? I am in love.

  12. Your posts are so funny! Also, I tagged you on my blog today since you're one of the ladies who makes me smile each day!

  13. How funny that you wrote about your wardrobe!! I was JUST telling my sister about your style and how I love it. I could never pull it off like you, though. It's all your own. Everything about your looks is very becoming.
    (No wonder your husband stalks you with his camera.)

    I couldn't wander the house in my pjs, it would be a scary sight---just hubby's old t-shirts. But my kids on the other hand...;)


  14. THere is nothing wrong with a little creative styling. You see it in the mags all the time. For crying out loud, the celebs do it. You are a trend setter..... I feel really wild and crazy when I throw a pop o'color into my zany jean/cardigan/flat number. Imagine, Emeril.."Bam!" Yep. It's like that!

  15. Shannan, I love you, but your wardrobe is anything but boring! You need to visit the likes of my closet and I will show you boring! To this day, I still try to live by your mix it up philosophy! (although more and more I fail miserably.)

  16. i totally get the constricted wrinkly, rumply thing with button-up shirt under fine gauge knit...and my mama belly pooch ain't helpin' things!

    maybe you need a down vest. sometimes the vest is my go-to life saver for a cold day, and sometimes i work it into my actual outfit...blah blah blah...

    all that to say: a vest may solve some problems for you, and you could accessorize with a knit scarf, mittens, hat, etc...

  17. funny you say this because i am currently wearing purple pants and teal and white striped knee socks!!!

  18. Unfortunately I don't get dressed until the afternoon too...well, on most days.

    I like your style.

  19. I'm all about the unexpected addition to an ensemble. LOVE the belt!!