Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Late Bloomer

I'm a late bloomer in many ways. Always have been. I was gangly and nerdy when I was younger. I was ganglier and nerdier. I was not in the know. I didn't own a pair of pinstriped jeans in elementary school. My Cabbage Patch kids were frauds.

Is this helping you understand my reticence with Autumn?

Not really?

I'm not one to jump ship quickly. I'm not prone to fits of irrationality. Yeah, yeah, Autumn isn't exactly irrational. I get it. What I'm trying to say is, things happen for me in their own due time.

Like Fall.

It came too early. It arrived unannounced and didn't even bring its own toothbrush.

Now, it's November.

It's still Fall, ya'll.

For some of us, it is only now Fall. It's finally right.

And even better? That nasty H-word is over and done with. Blech.

Don't hate.

(It's been 34 years and I still haven't hopped aboard that train...Late Bloomer aside, I don't see it happening in this lifetime.)

Where am I going with all of this?

It's not Christmastime.

Hello? Anyone out there??

I'm just saying, it's not. It's Fall! It's the season you've all been clamoring over since September 1st (a.k.a. Summer)!

So now, here I am, with my festive fall foliage and my beef stew and my chunky cable-knit. I'm standing in crunchy leaves, without a coat, sunshine overhead.

And I'm all alone.

I ran wind-sprints to catch up and now no one is here for me at the finish line. You're all scavenging Hobby Lobby for miniature snow-covered cottages and bottle brush trees.

Next thing I know, it'll be Christmas Eve and ya'll'll be busting out the Cadburry eggs.

No, my name is not Mrs. Scrooge. Who told you to ask me that?

In a gesture of good will, I will now share a fantastic batch of goodies that was hand-delivered to my doorstep earlier today by Mr. Rhubarb Reign.


Peek a boo.

Any Veras out there? Virgils? Virginias?

I'm cooking up some Christmas cheer with the whole lot of it. But I'm only in the initial stages of the planning process. I'm not getting all Christmasy, just yet. Promise. Stick a needle in my eye.


  1. Ok, love the busting out the Cadburys on Christmas Eve true. You seriously crack me up. ~mary~

  2. I'm with ya on enjoying the moment and savoring fall. I think stores are ridiculously out of control with pushing the Christmas stuff starting in summer.

    I don't put any decorations out until after Thanksgiving, but I have to start on projects and gifts now, or else I won't be able to enjoy December and the anticipation of Christmas.

    Love your letters! :)

  3. That danged H is a huge speed bump in the road of my fall enjoyment. Glad it's over too. Sad thing is, my mind IS going towards Christmas already cause I'm trying to make all my gifts this year. What a conundrum. Maybe if I try really hard I can keep my mind on fallish things........

    Fun post. 'You write real good.' :-)

  4. cute~ I'm not ready to think about christmas quite yet either. But I don't feel like it's fall either. I jumped on the fall wagon way too early (like sept when I still had a tank top on) and I was sick of it by oct. 15. I don't want to do that with christmas too... so I wait...

  5. You could turn all of those V's over and make elf hats. : ) I'm still into fall...even tho' I haven't posted a new blog for 500 years and my last one shows a winter wonderland (my wee shop across the nursery a few years ago). I really miss the day when the mall would be mall schmall one day and then TA DA!!!! the day after Thanksgiving it was a Christmas wonderland.


    Julie M.

  6. Hey! It's still fall at my house! No Christmas stuff comes out until after Thanksgiving. I am so with you on all of this. Halloween wasn't even over yet and Christmas stuff was taking over the stores.

  7. Hi! Just did my weekly catch-up-with-Shannan reading!! Will definitely go back and check the link on your sister's missionary stuff. And I love your list, although I might have to add guacamole. Is that how you spell it? Speaking of Anthro, did you see their November catalog? It's beautiful. Glad you liked your goodie box; just sorry I missed seeing you. Thanks for the notes on our posts. xo

  8. I was so happy to get all the H stuff out of my house I can't even fathom moving on to Christmas stuff. I've tried to get my shopping done so that I can take a deep breath and enjoy the season. But I'm still all about fall right now. Except I admit that I've been listening to Christmas music in my studio. I promise not to make you listen to it tomorrow.

  9. I'm not a big "H" fan either...but I am a Christmas is just in me to start early since my sister and I did that as kiddos...BUT I loved your comment about the cadbury eggs on Christmas eve! {See now that sounds silly to me...probably much like I sound silly to others that I
    almost am ready for x-mas decor out...started on the music and movies already")}

  10. I'm still here!!! I'm enjoying fall for at least another month. I don't do anything Christmas until the weekend after Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I feel sorry for always seems jipped because the other 2 that surround it.

  11. Seriously, you are too funny! AND! you express exactly how I feel. I enjoy Christmas (okay, that is a bit of a stretch), but let's now rush to and through each season and holiday.

    Your blog is a favorite!

  12. you and your crunching leaves & cable sweather.. lol, how funny. btw, I will only venture into Hobby Lobby because we suffer from season deficeit where I am. (artificial is almost a necessity, cannot believe that actually came out of my mouth, if you are going to have 'fall' color anywhere. Our pumpkins molded as I carved them... I slapped mosquitos from my face last night as we sat in the new autumn chill. (In November..) I have to remind myself what others are celebrating-- Fall! :)I will never adjust to seasonsonless life. Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa for me today. :)... love your post :)

  13. Great post!

    I just did a similar one on my blog...all about how the last time I checked I just flipped my calendar over to NOVEMBER!

    And, since the birth of my baby boy (soon to be 3) I find it even more important to savor the Fall season and not rush Christmas. After all, he is a FALL Baby and not a CHRISTMAS baby! LOL

    Enjoy these last few weeks of Indian Summer/delightfully crisp Fall weather before the season of chaos and winter weather is upon us.

    Blessings to you from Kansas,
    VALERIE (not, Vera, Veronica, Virgil, etc.) ha ha ha!!!!

  14. Maybe you need to just skip Fall every year and start getting ready for Christmas in September...then you won't be behind, you'll be all on time for the "big" holiday! Okay, just kidding...kind of!

    :) T

  15. Dear Mrs. Scrooge,

    When you said H-word I thought you meant a different H word. I almost put you on the naughty list. haha

    I agree about putting Christmas decorations out... but I watch Christmas movies from September on. I can't help it. How are we friends? ;)

    Santa's Happy Elf

  16. Victoria here....;)

    Love this post. It's so funny because the bikinis (not that I wear one) will be out in Jan!!!! I learned a couple of years ago that I have to buy my daughter a coat in Sept or they will be clearanced and gone when it is actually cold in GA (Jan!).

  17. Love your blog! I just "found" you via The Cottage Nest. So glad I did!

    Love all the V's!!!

  18. I guess I'd better turn off the Christmas music. ;-) lol

  19. I am still loving, breathing, and praising every minute of fall. I love Christmas, but my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving (bc I was born on Thanksgiving!), but I am going to hold onto fall for every second that I can!!
    Loving fall in Virginia!

  20. Lovin' the letters. Yep Christmas is so much more fun to decorate for:)

  21. I'm with you girl. I am still enjoying fall. Our leaves are only just now turning and falling. I want to savor the bright blue skies and the pretty leaves. I get my decorations out in September but it is only fall in my house because during September my garden is blossoming and we mow till sometime in November. I do look forward to Christmas though because I just can't resist the sparkle and joy of the season.

  22. I might actually try eating a cadbury egg the day after Christmas :) There's one sitting in my cupboard from last Easter just waiting for the perfect time to be eaten? Sorry, I'm weird that way!
    We love to buy clearance Halloween candy, but NO, not this year. It flew off the shelves just in time for Christmas candy.....what's that about? Ya know the show Word World - I think I live in "Weird" World!

  23. just found your blog....cracking up...i'm with you...our weather has been in the 80's here...definitely doesn't feel like fall yet. jules

  24. You are hilarious!!! I am loving your blog and your great sense of humor. I tell you I hear what you say and I raise you.. um... I have no idea where I was taking that. But I do agree.

    Fall is here! Let's do Fall.

    (and I posted on Christmas stockings yesterday. I'm so ashamed...)

    Blessings, I'll be back!

  25. "winter" doesn't start til the day after Thanksgiving! LoL

  26. I'm still in Fall! Christmas doesn't start till around the first of December! Although I am trying to get my shopping done early this hopes of not being so broke by the time Christmas does get here! :)

  27. I'm baaaaaaaaack and catching up on what I missed. Great post!

  28. I LOVE decorating for Christmas, but I will not get my decorations out until after Thanksgiving. I love fall, and my harvest decorations, and I want to enjoy them as long as I can.

    I wanted to get some fertilizer for our lawn at Walmart yesterday. They don't have it anymore! The garden center is full of Christmas stuff. It is still fall people! :)

    Have a great day! Beth.

  29. I am so sick of seeing Christmas stuff before Halloween!

  30. This post is like a little promotion for the true time of the year it is...Autumn/Fall...You go girl!!!

    I'm avoiding the Christmas pull too. It's crazy. Just gotta stay out of the Big stores that want ya money.