Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just Because

Because life is too short to wear uncomfortable under-britches.
(And they were having a sale, and the cute, teenaged checkout girl sprayed the tissue paper with scented body spray, then informed me that I qualified for a free miniature bottle of "Katie", then gave me a giftcard redeemable after Dec. 1 for an undisclosed amount, then asked me which ribbon I wanted tied to the handle of the bag.)

Because sometimes it's good to keep it simple and state the obvious.
(And I had the chance to take a real lunch break today with my flea market soulmate and she's even more fantastic than I thought, and we took turns talking nonstop so that we could actually eat our meal, and we both dropped food on ourselves during the course of our hour-or-so together.)

Because faded brick and paned windows with green vines are no-fail.
(And dark red works for me more than ever, this time of year and it had been too long since I had taken a picture out of my window whilst driving.)

Because all our days are numbered.
(Run, wild turkeys, RUN!)

Because holding a real dollar all the way from Kohls to The Dollar Tree is a pretty big deal.
(And Papaw will love the paint roller and generic brake fluid they chose for his birthday gifts.)

Because he has heard his Mama say one too many times that it's good to "Mix It Up" when it comes to fashion.
(I drew the line at his blue mesh basketball shorts worn atop the grey pants. I just couldn't do it today. I think the tie dye did me in.)


  1. Ok, friend, you just make me laugh. I absolutley love your sense of humor. You are the kind of person that I would love to spend time with. You are real and I love real people.

    I love that you got you some pretty new under things, as my nanny used to would have said. I love that they sprayed the tissue paper and I love that you got a free little gift. See, you can just keep on spraying those under things even at home.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and thanks for making me smile one last time before I went to sleep.

  2. You crack me up...LOVE the whole post. But I reserve a bit of jealousy that you got to have lunch with Sandy. You have an inside track, no fair! ~mary~

  3. Thank you for a great post and a good laugh!!
    Blessings to you in this Season of thanksgiving

  4. What a jam packed post! So glad you had a nice lunch. I can't wait to head to Midland to check her stuff out. It's on my to do list! That boy is a natural, just like his Momma.

  5. Oh...I love coming over here for a little giggle.
    Thank you for that
    Have a wonderful holiday!:)
    Chrissie Grace

  6. Ok, again with Calvin. Haven't I asked you several times now to stop it? I just can't take it!

    I wish there were a store that would package dishtowels like that. I buy dishtowels like most woman by undies.

    Have a super Thanksgiving....and as always, your posts are so fun!

  7. Shannan,

    This post cracked me up! I love those crazy grandkids of mine and Calvin has so mastered the mix it up fashion arena. I think he was born to mix it up! Have fun in Ohio and tell our favorite people there hello!

  8. Love.All.Of.It.Always.Feeling.Thankful.(SO).Thankful.For.You.Today.X.O.X.O.

  9. Think you are hilarious! Your kiddos are pretty cute, but you know that! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  10. calvin's outfit is too much!

    you're a supermom for letting him out of the house in that....just awesome:)

  11. oh so much, oh so funny....me oh so like you!
    the tie die did me in....to funny! :)

    Happy day, Tara

  12. Awesome! ♥ I love Aerie. Thank you for the comment on my blog! Yeah, those Calico Critters are sooo adorable.. expensive little cuties but fun nonetheless! ♥

  13. What a great post:) Have a great Thanksgiving!!
    In Christ,

  14. Lovely post. Love the clothes! You made me smile as usual!

  15. It really IS a good town. I've been here for 32 years! Next time you're in town, please eat at Edward Christian Dining--it's all fresh and homemade and very nearly gourmet, and affordable. Hey, let's plan a date there with the boys!

    I love Aerie too. I've never found a better-fitting bra!

  16. Love the post & pics. And love your son's sense of style reminds me of one of my boys fashion picks!

  17. Aw, you made me smile! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  18. Great Post as usual. I think you are destined to be a writer. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Lori

  19. Ruby's outfit looks exactly like something I'd wear. ;-)

  20. LOL...crack me up. I love the pictures. I also love what your kiddo is wearing. My son does the same sort of thing, although he doesn't own any tie-die =( He usually dresses himself and sometimes will just wear random things "because I want to!"

  21. Wow -- if I'd known you were going shopping after lunch, I'd have totally ditched work! (: Thanks for thinking I'm fabulous -- ha. Right back at you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks for the nice note on our blog. xo