Sunday, November 22, 2009

Every Step You Take...Every Move You Make...

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you?

I do.

You would too, if you regularly looked in your photo file only to find a slew of photos of yourself that you did not know existed.

Hold the phone - am I somehow a celebrity?


I have a husband who is teaching himself photography. One never knows where he may be lurking.

Just last night, around 12 a.m., he had the nerve to ask if he could take some pictures of me while I was reading my magazine on the couch. (I know, creepy, right?) "I'll delete them all when I'm done." At 12 a.m. that is just not a risk I'm willing to take.

In retrospect, at least he asked. At least he didn't just start snapping.

Because trust me, that's his go-to strategy.

Earlier today, he tricked me by saying that he would load the kids up in the car while I finished getting ready to go to town. As I was walking out the door, I remembered that I had two rotting gourds still sitting on my shelf that needed to be pitched into the pasture. A few steps closer to the door I realized that the temps were dipping and I would probably need my jacket. But I couldn't put it fully on, what with the rotting gourds in my hand. Oh, and if I need a jacket, my kids probably do, too.

So here I am, my jacket half-on, two rotting gourds in one hand, two little-people coats in the other.

If it were you, would you be feeling photo-oppish?

I hope so.

Is this a joke?

Am I on candid camera?

Am I secretly a celebrity and I don't even know it?

Hmm...Celebrities probably have "People" to toss their rotting gourds for them.

They also have year-round tans and jackets that match their shirts, so maybe not.
When I fully process that Cory is taking yet another picture of me doing yet another mundane task whilst lipgloss-less and, to varying degrees disheveled, this is the look I give him. An equal mix of confusion and angst. 90% of these pictures feature this expression.

Hours later, he struck again, this time under the guise of "I'm just taking a picture of your paintbrushes."

How does that saying go? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on.....

I was working intently on a very fun, covert project.
(I always feel like somebody's watching me...)

My Christmas wish for all of you is a pair of these cushiony socks with rubber treads on the bottom.
(And I have no privacy. Whooa oh-no.)

You thought I was joking about my ugly, blue fleece blanket?
(I always feel like somebody's watching me.)

I wouldn't dream of it.
(Who's playin' tricks on me?)

Honey - It's nice to ask people if you can take their picture when they look presentable. This one I like!


  1. I like the last one, too. Sweet. Just really, really sweet.

  2. What a hoot! Happy modeling!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I have those socks! (But i think I've said that before...) They are very snuggly and you know what...we had the most amazing gourd patch when I was growing up...because we threw them out in the compost got away though, or should I say, "rot away.." right on top of a coffee bench on the front porch. That didn't leave a very nice ring to it....

  3. You just got me thinking I need to pitch some of my rotten gourds:)...great pictures though! You are right the last one is just super sweet!

  4. You are so stinkin photogenic! If I didn't love you I'd hate you. That last picture is a keeper for sure. And do I spy you being crafty in those pictures? See, I knew you had it in you. So what time should I expect you Friday for the flea market?

  5. You're husband knows he has a great 'subject' to practice on ... you! You are very photogenic and the farm in the background is almost as beautiful!! Lucky you! .... the last pic is very sweet!


  6. Such great snaps...good for your hubby! Love the last one. Your kids are the sweetest!

  7. awww. dang it would have been a perfect pic if your head was in it!!!! ;-)

  8. Hilarious!
    Yes, the last one is beautiful!

  9. I have some of those socks! Mine are a beautiful bright green (of course)! But I don't have one of those nice blue blankets. ;)

  10. If my hubby asked me to take my picture while in my jammies/no makeup... the camera would jam or break. It can be that scary...depending on the type of day I had. By the way, I tagged you on my blog. Your blog just makes me happy! Happy day to you!

  11. I think those turned out great Shannon. I think I would topple over if my husband ever picked up the camera at all. Find it flattering that he wants to take your picture!:)

  12. This is a great make me laugh:)....Hubby's can be just like children sometimes...I love the "kid" in them:)
    Very good photos. Have a blessed week!

  13. Snort...snort! I'm the photographer in this house....shame on me I annoy people sometimes, too! You're so stinkin' cute anyway, gourds and all, woman!

  14. makes me think of that national lampoons vacation movie...."i'll delete it honey..." then their camera is stolen and it becomes a movie! :)

    you look great! your hair looks a pantene commercial! flowing in the air!

  15. Ask Cory if he felt like I was watching him this morning! I followed him pretty much all the way to work :)- I only knew it was him b/c of the green Souder sticker in his window.

    I love the last picture, super cute. And all the pictures for that matter. So what are you making? Are you going to show us later? :)

  16. Oh my gosh, there was this corny Lifetime movie on this weekend that your pictures remind me of! It was about a stalker and the camera would zoom in on the girl and blur out the rest. Maybe Cory was watching when you were out of the room! I love those movies on a lazy Sunday afternoon! They are all the same and so ridiculous. Love the last pic. Nothing sweeter than chubby cheeks! ~mary~

  17. It can't be all that bad because I think you look really pretty in the pictures...and with that beautiful farm of yours as a backdrop, I think your lipglossless picture is wonderful!!! Of course, your kiddos are adorable!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    :) T

  18. I always like how you incorporate song lyrics in your post. Your kiddies are beautiful!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. these are beautiful...
    i just hope you didn't get rotting guard all over your pretty sweater.

  20. guard..gaurd...gord...whatever..

  21. Tell Cory the pictures will be awesome when there is a burro in the field (Not to take away from my beautiful daughter). I would love to have a copy to the last photo too! And I was wondering, will we ever have a photo again of my favorite son in-law??

  22. Those pictures remind me of when you were a little girl cutting and cutting on the latest Sears or Pennys catalog. Thanks Cory, for taking me back to some of the sweetest memories ever.

  23. how fun to have him capture you in your little moments during the day
    i love it
    the last one especially is precious!

  24. too cute! Love the socks...need to get my some. And I adore the last picture..
    S w e e t!! I love the candid shots of you. very special!!

  25. First time visitor and enjoyed myself greatly. You and yours are mentioned at Thistle Cove Farm; Happy Thanksgiving...

  26. What was the name of that song back in the 90s that freaked you/us out so much because of the stalkerish nature of it. The lyrics talked about "watching you." I think it was a Metallica song or some heavy metal song we weirdly wanted to like. Do you remember what I'm talking about?