Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All Points Bulletin

In a couple of months, I'll be here:


Remember when I told you we would be picking Silas up from the Detroit airport, just as we did with Calvin?


The rules have changed -- effective today.

Our paperwork is in, the checks are in the mail. As we told our Sunday School class earlier this week, "All we do now is wait!"

I mean, we do still have an awful lot of waiting to do, but now we also have a transcontinental trip for 2 to plan, and all that goes with that.

(Calvin overheard the phone call between Cory and I earlier today and feared that we would be leaving him here alone. )


I have to admit - this news rattled me. I know I regularly wax poetic about my love for surprises, but maybe from now on I need to be more specific.

After processing this for a few hours, I'm left believing that this really is the best thing. It is best for Silas to go right from his foster mama's arms to ours, without a whole 'nother person in between. It is best for him to endure the grueling travel with us. I imagine it will not be a super fun plane ride, but he'll have no choice but to spend a lot of time sitting on my lap and sleeping in my arms, and that is good.

Had we known earlier what we know now (i.e. the trip will only be 4 days or so) we may very well have come to this decision on our own.

But, you know what I like? I like that even when we don't have all of the information, God does.

I'm open to travel suggestions (for the first time, I'm re-considering my position on the Kindle). I also have a suggestion for those of you setting out for South Korea in the near future: Do not Google image Korean Air. Just trust me and don't do it. But if you must, DO NOT look at the second row of images.

Holy Toledo - We're going to Korea!