Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wax On

Seriously, another Fallish post from Little Miss Whiny-About-Fall Britches, moi?

I'm telling you, I've learned that it's best to just roll with it all. My 2.25 days of moping around about it sure didn't help matters.

What did help (among other things) was learning how to wax leaves via my virtual pal Sarah at Clover Lane.

It's so Simple Simon.
And cheap.

It's true, you have to keep a close eye on the little people since it involves hot, melted wax.

I couldn't escape the feeling that we were totally In The Know on the best Fall idea ever.
I love being In the Know. It almost never happens.

With a flick of the wrist, the very beauty of the season is captured in time.
I know, it seems like cheating! But it's not.
If anything is cheating, it's polyester leaves on wired ribbon.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

In cast you hadn't noticed, Mr. Fancy Pants Photographer showed up right in the thick of things.

Isn't it amazing that God thought ahead to make different kinds of leaves turn different colors with Fall's arrival?

He must have known how happy tie-dyed leaves on an ironstone plate would make some of us.


  1. I loved that idea when I saw it on her blog, the only problem is we don't have all those pretty Fall leaves here in Florida ): but yours sure turned out beautiful!

  2. HEAVENLY!! I can't handle fall leaving us. :(

  3. GAWJUS!!! Just gawjus! I love the colors of fall! What a fun project for you and the littles...

  4. I'm so jealous. We don't have those pretty leaves here in South Texas either. We just have green or dead! Luv the pics too!

  5. I saw this on Clover Lane and loved this idea. I haven't jumped on it, but maybe you have inspired me to do so now :) My red tree (that's not the official name - just the color of the leaves :)) is shedding leaves too fast for my liking.

    And isn't it just so awesome that God knows just what he is doing! He is amazing like that ;)

  6. I wish we had beautiful leaves like that here! We've got what Texas has got, plus cactus spines, and I don't imagine they would look very pretty waxed. :)

  7. incredible! I love it... now if I just had some trees in my yard with lovely leaves...


  8. Very creative! I might try this little project this weekend as a "we're all better and let's enjoy fall now" festive activity.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I saw that and thought it looked like the coolest! Does it preserve the leaves? I better my little nature girl would love it.

  10. Oh I love it...and she is adorable and love the pics...my oldest would LOVE doing that!

  11. I think Sarah lit a fire... I've been contemplating how far the emergency room is before trying, cause we're sure to need it, but oooh it looks like so much fun, and so pretty. Love your little girl's dress!

  12. this is something i did not know... will have to check it out when people are all feeling better!

    hey, how's it going over there?

  13. I'm starting to think you enjoy Fall more than you let on ;-)

  14. I love that idea! Dang, if only I was hosting a Thanksgiving soiree this year, that'd be a perfect idea for some table dressing. I'll have to keep it in mind for the future!

  15. Love the purple....we couldn't find purple! Thanks for the link! :)

  16. fun little project! Cute butterfly dress too!

  17. I saw that project too and it made me think of you! I'm glad you tried your hand at it. I am such a sucker for Fall leaves, I will be doing this next year. (No way can I trust Lily with hot wax at this point in her young life!)

    Also, love Rub's dress. She is seriously so cute all the time.

  18. I want to scoop up that next last picture with all the pretty leaves and do this little project!!!! I have NO LEAVES of any fall sort here in sunny Florida....I am still in shorts and flip flops for cryin out loud!!! Enjoy your Fall and just think, Fall brings Winter and Winter brings a special someone :o)

  19. This project reminded me of when we made placemats with wax paper, shaved crayons (the broke ones) and leaves use the iron on the sandwiched leaves thru the wax paper and placemats....