Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Old Favorites and Serendipity

For those of you who have known me longer than 2 years, this is a rerun.

Come on, we all like a good rerun now and then.

I took the following pictures roughly 1 month after we moved into our home. It was the day after a tornado blew through our neighboring town. Things were obviously still awry, but with the most stunning effect.

Mind you, these were taken with my old-school camera and I still don't know how to edit photos, so I sure as sugar didn't know how to do it then.

I remember looking outside, around dinner time, and noticing that the sky was bathed in the most eerie/gorgeous amethyst light.

I grabbed the camera and ran outside. I took exactly 4 pictures, then I ran right back in to stir my stew.

This one might benefit from a bleach job, I'll give you that.

But holy cow, what could be more breath-taking? I know many of you out there are actual photographers who understand apertures and shutter speeds and such. I admire you. I truly do. However, these shots provide definitive proof that even the most ridiculously unskilled among us is capable of turning out a beautiful picture if the subject is a looker.

An actual photographer may have taken the time to remove the downspout from the corner of the frame, but whatever.

If you find these photos as alluring as I do, you're in luck. Pop some corn and meet me back here in roughly one year. I'll be showing another rerun.

ps- Cory wants to tear/burn down the barn in the final shot. He says it's an accident waiting to happen, what with the Swiss cheese floors and all. I think I can safely leave my position unstated. Your thoughts?


  1. That is your barn??? Ooooh...lucky! (of course..I don't actually believe in luck...but I don't believe in tearing down or burning up super awesomeness either. : )

    : ( to Cory

    : ) to you for the pretty pictures.

    Julie M.

  2. Fabulous pictures. Country Living here you come. Beeeeautiful. Makes me want to move to Tornado Alley...ok, almost. :)

  3. Well, you already know my opinion on the barn. I'd give my eye teeth to have a barn. A barn and a donkey. But I digress. I would compromise by saying it was okay to tear down the barn if you replace it with something better.

  4. Cory has heard my pleas! The barn stays,period. And someone else shares my love of donkeys,how neat is that? The photos are beautiful,it reminds me of August 21,1999,I will never forget the sky that evening either, as we were standing outside Pleasant View Missionary, wishing an awesome young couple a blessed life together.

  5. I love these pictures, they look like something you could buy in the store. I am jealous that this is your view everyday, the barn(of course stays), the trees, just the whole lot of it!!! I bet the leaves are changing and falling............I will daydream of it as I sit in the AC today as the temp rises to 88 degrees. Welcome to Fall in Florida (I should be used to this, I was born and raised here). I have rambled long enough, love the pictures and thanks for sharing :o)

  6. I remember that night well... I think I was at your house. Beautiful photos, indeed. I remember seeing that same shot from the City the next morning.

  7. Oh how I wish I was standing right in the middle of that beautiful scenery! Great pic's and I think they look like a pro but then again what do I know, LOL, but really they are so pretty! The barn, omg, tear it down, I would have a hard time with that, it looks like it's in good shape from the pic's.

  8. I don't remember these photos at all, but I love them. I love it when the sky does funky things...especially when you have a chance to capture it.

    I do not have the same love for barns as you do, but I think if it is a no-brainer for everybody else, you should probably keep it. Do you think Cory will listen to all of us? He should. ;)

  9. Gorgeous photos. I love barns. Tell him absolutely no to burning that barn down. It would be a crime!!

  10. I have to side with you about the barn. It's too beautiful to tear down!

  11. Gorgeous shots.. beautiful sky... so serene after craziness I am sure.
    The Barn... if only i had a barn in my yard in suburbia. If you tear it down, can you send it to Southern California for me? :)

  12. that must've been incredible in person! I wish so badly I knew more about photography as well!

  13. These weren't a rerun for me! Loved 'em! You captured something magical there.

    DO NOT TOUCH THE is so lovely! Even if it's just a backdrop for pics and you never go in it again ;), it's worth keeping.

  14. There is NOTHING more fun to play in than an old barn...holes or not...I'd keep it.

  15. Beautiful pictures...I don't know how to edit photos either, but they look great to me.

    P.S. Keep the barn!

  16. great pitctures!! and I think the barn needs a new glossy wood floor, a stage and some sound for concerts and dances!!