Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Old Favorites and Serendipity

For those of you who have known me longer than 2 years, this is a rerun.

Come on, we all like a good rerun now and then.

I took the following pictures roughly 1 month after we moved into our home. It was the day after a tornado blew through our neighboring town. Things were obviously still awry, but with the most stunning effect.

Mind you, these were taken with my old-school camera and I still don't know how to edit photos, so I sure as sugar didn't know how to do it then.

I remember looking outside, around dinner time, and noticing that the sky was bathed in the most eerie/gorgeous amethyst light.

I grabbed the camera and ran outside. I took exactly 4 pictures, then I ran right back in to stir my stew.

This one might benefit from a bleach job, I'll give you that.

But holy cow, what could be more breath-taking? I know many of you out there are actual photographers who understand apertures and shutter speeds and such. I admire you. I truly do. However, these shots provide definitive proof that even the most ridiculously unskilled among us is capable of turning out a beautiful picture if the subject is a looker.

An actual photographer may have taken the time to remove the downspout from the corner of the frame, but whatever.

If you find these photos as alluring as I do, you're in luck. Pop some corn and meet me back here in roughly one year. I'll be showing another rerun.

ps- Cory wants to tear/burn down the barn in the final shot. He says it's an accident waiting to happen, what with the Swiss cheese floors and all. I think I can safely leave my position unstated. Your thoughts?