Friday, October 23, 2009

Luck of the Dial
Let's start with the basics, here. I drive a 1995 Ford Explorer. It is a purplish hue. Cory drove it into a ditch last Winter and it still bears the scars. And sadly, it's the newest car we've ever owned.

It must go without saying that it does not have satellite radio. Or a cd player.

I typically like extended car trips to fall between the hours of noon and 3 pm. When that is not possible, I am left with good 'ol FM radio. I detest radio commercials, so I do a lot of scanning the dial.

On this rainy Fall day, the radio saints were smiling down on me. Here are the highlights:

I Wanna Know What Love Is - Foreigner
Best Lines:
I'm gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me
I've got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
I cant stop now, Ive traveled so far
To change this lonely life

FPFG Commentary:
This song takes me right back to 1984. I was at a sleep-over at Erin's house. We watched the video with her mom, who told us, "This is a beautiful song." I didn't really understand why she said that then, but I get it now. It's a classic. You have no choice but to feel the love.

In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
Best Lines:
Well I remember, I remember don't worry
How could I ever forget, its the first time, the last time we ever met
But I know the reason why you keep your silence up, no you don't fool me
The hurt doesn't show; but the pain still grows
Its no stranger to you or me

FPFG Commentary:
It's all about the drums, baby. Oh, and the urban legend is pretty fantastic, too. I choose to believe that it's true, even though Phil Collins himself adamantly denies it.

Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood
Best Lines:
He’s a good time cowboy Casanova
Leaning up against the record machine
Looks like a cool drink of water
But he’s candy-coated misery
He’s the devil in disguise
A snake with blue eyes
And he only comes out at night
Gives you feelings that you don’t want to fight
You better run for your life

FPFG Commentary:
The girl's got pipes. (And legs.) If I could have anyone's singing voice, hers would be among my top 3 picks.

Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Best Lines:
I want you to know
That it doesn't matter
Where we take this road
Someone's gotta go
And I want you to know
You couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on
So I'm already gone

FPFG Commentary:
A quick story - I have heard this song thrice and each time, I have loved it. I mean, loved it. I did not know who sang it, but I loved her voice. I'm no Simon Cowell, but I knew it was clearly destined for hits-ville. Hours after hearing it today, I heard "Break Away"and I remembered how much I adored KC's cd of the same title. I decided, once and for all, that I needed to place it in my top 20 favorite cds of all time. Now, mere moments ago, I Googled this song and discovered who sings it. Makes so much sense. And now, I love it all the more. Even though it's sad. (Unrequited love is so dang sad.)

Welcome to the Future - Brad Paisley
Best Lines:
I thought about him today,
Everybody who's seen what he's seen,
From a woman on a bus
To a man with a dream.
Wake up Martin Luther.
Welcome to the future.

FPFG Commentary:
I have a crush on Brad Paisley, but it's ok, because Cory does, too. I can't entirely explain it, but the origins date back to the concert we attended a couple of years ago. I boil it down to this: He seems like a very regular, good person. His voice is like butta. He has a great sense of humor. He's very witty. He's kinda cute. He's got mad guitar skills. (That one is for Cory.)

Better as a Memory - Kenny Chesney
Best Lyrics:
Cause goodbyes are like a roulette wheel
you never know where they're gonna land
first you're spinning, then you're standing still
left holding a losin' hand
but one day you're gonna find someone
right away, you'll know it's true
that all of your seek is done
it was just a part of the passing through
right there in that moment
you'll finally understand
that I was better as a memory than as your man

FPFG Commentary:
Kenny Chesney is always hit or miss. He's got some classics, but he's also got an awful lot of songs about sitting on a beach drinking beer all day. I loved this song the first time I heard because of the lyrics I posted above. The roulette wheel is one of the best analogies to love I have ever come across. While we're on the subject, what exactly did happen with Kenny and Renee? Such a mystery...

It Must've Been Love - Roxette
Best Lyrics:
And it's a hard winters day.
I dream away.
It must've been love
but it's over now.
It was all that I wanted
now I'm livin' without

FPFG Commentary:
Old-school classic. Her voice is so gravely and raw. I think I cried about a boy over this one, years ago. (Adolescent infatuation surely inspired this, right Roxette?)

My Deliverer - Rich Mullins
Best Lyrics:
There in the Sahara winds Jesus heard the whole world cry
For the healing that would flow from His own scars
The world was singing
My Deliverer is coming - my Deliverer is standing by
My Deliverer is coming - my Deliverer is standing by
He will never break His promise - He has written it upon the sky

FPFG Commentary:
We are big Rich Mullins fans. He wrote this song and pre-recorded it on a cassette tape just days before his death in 1997. The finished album was released posthumously, in 1998. The beginning of the song talks about Jesus going to Africa, which I had never thought about before, for some reason.

There was one additional major highlight, but I'm going to save that for a future post, because it deserves to have its own.

(How's that for a teaser?)


  1. Can you believe it??!! I am the first to post for a change!!You know my favorite, Rich Mullins cannot be beat, and I feel like crying everytime I hear "My Deliverer" I have such a time to try to wrap my mind around the fact that He knew his destiny and still embraced it.

  2. You crack me up - I love your commentaries, and can imagine myself crying right along with you to "Must Have Been Love."

  3. Is it weird that as I read the lyrics I can hear the music playing in my head? Roxette takes me back to the days when I couldn't get enough of the movie Pretty Woman. I watched it so much that I wore my VHS tape out. Sigh. Those were the day. :)

  4. Oh... Roxette and her short, spiky, platinum do. Love it. It reminds me of a slow dance in high school in the gymnasium. I think i had it on a mix tape way back when to. Chicago was on that tape as well. Brad Paisley... my girls and I LOVE that song. Great lyrics. Great guy! :) I love your commentary.

  5. I am such a music lover- mainly for the flashbacks it can bring on! Love it!

  6. ok, did not know that about Rich Mullins, and ... I see a 'blog carnival' theme here. I like it.... love music, on any medium, 8 track, lp, cd, cassette, live. love music.
    So much music, so little time. If you haven't yet check out -

  7. I had a 1995 Explorer. Green. I looooved my Explorer...and long road trips. It took me from Wa to Mn to L.A...and between Wa and L.A. so many time whilst I was in school that I can't remember the exact number. Yes, I loved that Explorer..until one late April day on a snowy mountain decided to swerve to the right...and then do one big spin...and then another. Then, like a big puppy dog it decided to plop down flat on its side...right there on the side of the road. Oh, how I loved that Explorer.

    Beware of the sway bar.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I have another one now...but really miss the tape deck from the 1995. : ) One of my old friends made some great tapes for me for all of those long drives.

  8. Yay! Now I have some idea of what kind of music to play during Jen and Shannan's Excellent Adventure.

  9. Those are some great singers and songs! If I could have anyone's singing abilities, it would be Martina Mcbride. I LOVE her! She sounds exactly the same in concert as she does on the radio, and she has great vocal range. Some singers that can hit high notes sound sour in concert. Not Martina. I'm not sure how so much sound can come out of such a tiny little woman! I like to watch her videos on My fave is her live video for her song "Where Would You Be." It gives me chills every time.

    I have a little theory of why Renee Zellweger broke it off with Kenny Chesney. I have heard that the divorce papers cited fraud as the reason for divorce. I think that she thought that he was going to be a hard working country singer, and he turned out to be some lazy bum who likes to sit around on the beach and drink beer all day! That would definitely turn me off! :)

    Have a great day! Beth. :)

  10. Glad the radio saints were smiling down on you on that rainy day. I love it when that happens. :)

  11. I always know I am gonna get a good one when I read your blog!!! I never knew the urban legend about the Phil Collins song, interesting!?!

    I found myself pausing at each song and singing along......the radio saints were smiling down on you.

    The only thing that would have made it about near perfect would have been Crazy for You by Madonna. That one takes me right back to high school, riding in the seat of a 1950 pickup truck next to my boyfriend, singing along and thinking it doesn't get any better than this (Adolescent infatuation for sure)

  12. You're a woman after my own heart---I am a total lyrics junkie---my hub and I quote songs all the time.
    Thanks for the nostalgia!

  13. Geez oh Pete you're good! My problem is that I always get the lyrics ALL wrong...embarrassingly wrong.

  14. I ALWAYS enjoy your posts! You just really crack me up :) Some great tunes you've got here girlie...only problem is some of them just make me feel old! But they are classics, like you said...

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

    :) T

  15. Nice post says the upper echelon. ;) I enjoyed it! Especially the oldies, but goodies. Those were the days. I had the thought that i could probably start a blog of nothing but this kind of stuff.