Monday, October 26, 2009

Last Week in Review

As expected, our trip to Ohio was pure therapy.

For one thing, there was peach pie. And beef and noodles with mashed potatoes.

I love the smell of "home". I never noticed it when I actually lived there, but you know how that goes.

Ruby played with the farm animals all week.

Did you ever read Animal Farm in school? Maybe I should give it another go-round to test my post-'90s political sensibilities. I'll get right on it.

Calvin did a whole lot of farming.

Gam filled his hopper wagon with popcorn seeds. He was so excited, he couldn't contain them.

Meet my new TJ Maxx bag. My mom didn't care for it.

After a fantastic lunch at Thai Nine with Keisha, Bob and the kiddos, Dad and I ventured out to select granite for their new kitchen.

We made our final decision, then went home and promptly changed our minds.

I visited my number one Ohio antique haunt and found this dreamy table, 50% off! I daydreamed for 5 days straight about re-purposing it for the bathroom vanity, but lo and behold, it is a whopping 7 inches too long.

On my way out of Tipp City, I drove past on of the loveliest homes ever. I have always adored it. It's right down the street from the childhood home of one of my best gals, so it makes me think of her.

We unwittingly planned our trip during peak Autumn thrill. Every-other-tree shone with floaty crepe papers ribbons of gold. So bright, yet not quite ready to fall.

I felt like I was on Fall break, circa 1997.

I was home and everything was right.

And now I'm back home, with my main squeeze, and it's righter than ever.