Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Happy Bunch

We are sending this picture to Silas, over in South Korea.

See, I'm sitting around here fixated on his growing little body and mind, and it's becoming more and more real to me that he's gonna be a little dude when he arrives - not just a tiny baby. He's going to understand words - Korean words! He will recognize people - but not us!

We called the agency to ask if we could send some pictures over to him and they said that we surely may. (It's odd to me that they didn't suggest this to us, but what can you do?)

They told us his foster mother will show the pictures to him in the hopes that it will help prepare him for all that lies ahead of him, if only in a small way. Maybe we will look just a tiny bit familiar? It sure can't hurt to try.

In the meantime, I'm praying that his heart will recognize us - will recognize that he's home - as soon as he lays eyes on us. God made us a family, after all, so I believe He can do that.

Our precious little guy has the journey of a lifetime ahead of him. Proof positive that God's plan for us knows no bounds and that His will won't ever take us where His grace will not protect us.