Monday, October 19, 2009

Going Home

First of all - you guys are the best thing since sliced bread. No, you're the best thing since bread. Pumpernickel, Honey Oat, Sourdough, the whole lot of it.

Today has been a brand new day, and your encouragement helped to make it such.

Other things that helped: hanging a quilt on the line, picking up some pretty leaves, midol, baking a batch of cookies, taking a walk along the river with my peeps, discovering a divey sub shop for dinner, wrapping myself up in a blanket -burrito-style - and watching Netflix with Cory.

And if that wasn't enough - I'm heading home tomorrow for a few days with the kids while he jet-sets off to DC.

Am I the only one who still refers to my childhood home as "home"? Mom and Dad are hatching a move and I'm not sure what I'll do then.

For now, I'll head South with the windows down. I'll listen to 2 chatter boxes and pray that they fall asleep during Rush. We'll eat grapes in the car and maybe get milkshakes.

Then, after 3 and a half hours, I'll be here:

I will eat the best salsa in the free world, meet my sister's new beau, eat my mama's cooking, visit my top-dog antique store, and stay up late talking with family. At night, lying in my childhood room, I'll find it impossible for my mind not to wander back to my high school years, which at the time felt so complicated - full of promise, but with the edges traced in 16-year-old despair.

I'll read some magazines and some books and hopefully see some of my sweet, old friends.

I think it may be just what I need.