Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting With The Program

Everyone on God's green earth has been buzzing with excitement over Autumn's arrival.

Everyone except me.

It's not that I dislike it, but I'm more aware than ever that it signals Winter's imminent descent. He's extra mean here in Northern Indiana, what with the lake effect snow and all.

And yo, I feel like Summer was a total gyp. I had already lost my flip flop tan-lines by late June.

But I'll admit - I've always had a thing for hay bales.

Especially when they sit in my pasture.

Before we were married, I made Cory take a bunch of pictures with me by some random bales in a nearby field. We ended up in a fight, but I don't remember why. I was always picking fights back then... what a waste of time.

In other Fallish news, our puny, infantile apple trees are trying to toughen up as the temperatures dip. It's only been in the 40's here at night, but I can hear their knees knocking from our bedroom window. Keeps me up.

I did, however, stumble upon these world-weary fellas over on County Road 11. They are such over-achievers that they require wooden stilts to keep their heavy-laden branches from snapping.

We get it. You don't have to be so showy and braggy.

I thought about lightening their load a little bit, but just as I was about to abandon my good moral judgment for a shiny Macintosh I saw a horse and buggy headed my way and the horse spooked me.

Sometimes God truly does move in mysterious ways.

At any rate, tomorrow I will be braving the wind and rain to hunt down some mums. I am going to sip a mug of instant cider in the morning, then don my favorite gold sweater.

In short - I'm finally going to get with the program.


  1. 1. I like your new profile pic! CUTE!
    2. We did get gyped on summer. :( Is that how you spell "gyped"?
    3. I hope you get some good mums and some yummy cider! I heart cider.
    4. I love your farm/hay bale pics. They seem so you.
    5. Peace out! ;)

  2. I'm getting with the program too, hitting the pumpkin fields,

  3. So glad your back!!

    I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that you get "gyped" on a winter, too so the sweetness of spring comes early!!

  4. I'm gettin' with it, too...even though we never really had summer...I did get good, long lasting flip flop tan lines though. I changed the closet to fall clothes yesterday...blah...six more months of that....at least! Eewww!

  5. yep, summer went by way too fast...but the weather is forcing itself upon us, making us want to eat those cold weather foods...and since i'm knitting, i finally have a good reason to look forward to fall & winter!

    oh, and by the end of the week i'm going to be totally sick of apples, canning the applesauce has begun...

    p.s. are you hanging your clothes out on the line with your coat, scarf & gloves on like i am?:)

  6. It's about time you came around. I still have my flip flop lines but not for long I'm sure. Maybe you should a little south?

  7. great photos - I never knew what a hay bale looked like. The only ones we have around here are cubes. Enjoy the cider, sounds wonderful, Lori

  8. Fall is great, but it leads to winter and you know how I feel about that! Summer was a no-show too, so I get where you are coming from:)

  9. I agree with you about summer...ripped off!! I live in CO so the fall is pretty much over. We have such weird weather that I don't get a month of gorgeous colors on the trees...we will have a freakish storm that will take all the leaves away. I even heard that snow is coming this Saturday...seriously??? I know it will be gone by Saturday night..but come on...not yet.

  10. I need to get with the program and finally decorate for fall or at least take the baby to the pumpkin patch! :) I love your new header, gorgeous, have fun today in your gold sweater!

  11. loved this post! you are so funny! hope you have a fun Fall day today!

  12. I love autumn. A good time to have bonfire and have friends over, if you leave in the country and have a beautiful spread. (hint-hint)

  13. You are so witty! So glad I started reading your blog. It makes me smile.

    Only in the 40's...I wish. We're still sweating like pigs over here!

    Know what? I have never seen an apple tree in person. Why is that? It just doesn't seem right.

    Happy Autumn!

  14. If you find autumn, please send it. We're having a bit of a reprieve, but we're not finished with 100 degrees, yet. Soon. But not yet. Love the mums!!

  15. I love how you feel about autumn, the harvest, the long cold days of winter. Your a beautiful young women.

    come visit-cindy@stitches

  16. Hmm, I'm not sure that instant cider counts, but it'll do. I am totally with you on this whole Fall thing! Indian Summer Fall = good, cold, rainy, windier that hell Fall = bad, impending doom of looooong Winter! Eeek don't get me started on the lack of Summer this year...

    :) T

  17. Yep, farmer girl, summer was a non-event here in Missouri! (So much for global climate change aka: global warming, eh???)

    But I have to admit, being the crafy sort, with the exception of sicknesses, I LOVE fall. Its my favorite time of year, and I even like winter- to a degree. no pun intended :)

    Who knows? With all this wacky weather, maybe winter will be a non-event too. Wishful thinking, isn't it?? Have a blessed day!

  18. I have no idea how i found your blog, but i think it is lovely. I had a laugh about the apple trees.

  19. If it makes you feel any better... I just finished about 9 zillion cans of apple butter, applesauce and pie apples.... and I'm tired. Those apples are nothing but trouble!

  20. I'm trying to get with the program. I'm still clinging to summer even though it's come and gone. It's been so cool and wet here in Northern Indiana, and now snow this weekend! Seriously? I'm not standing for it.

  21. You know how I love those hay bales! Wish I could see 'em and you in person. Great shots!
    Enjoy it before the snow comes ;)

  22. You were SECONDS from my house! Darn!

  23. Fall is my favorite time of year. It won't be long until the flakes will be flying, and the weather outside will be frightful!! And as I recall it was on a chilly fall night up in Indiana 13 years ago that my favorite son in-law came into my life!! What on earth am I going to do when I won't be able to say Cor is my fav??? At least he has held my heart for 10 years and running!!!