Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dr. Lee

I present to you, Dr. Lee.
He fixes noses and feet.

(His name tag does not reflect his "correct" name, but I knew the pre-school teachers wouldn't understand...)

Lee is his middle name, but he answer to "Mr. Lee" and when he's a doctor, he wants to be Dr. Lee.

Who am I to argue with one whose education far surpasses my own?

Wouldn't doctor appointments be far more appealing if the docs were as cute and happy as this?

I asked him to "give me a real doctor's look" and this is what he came up with, after stashing the red Blow Pop behind his back. See, even he knows that doctors are supposed to be kinda serious. His smirk is surely a tribute to his favorite Dr. G, whom he has spent far too much time with in his little life.

Uh-Oh. Here comes the fan club.

Doctors are always, always nice. They would never turn down a hug from a pigtailed little cutie - even if she was his sister.

I need some help - Stat!

I'm outta here. I've got feet to fix and I'm almost to the chewing gum center.