Wednesday, September 30, 2009

White Wenesday - III

This week's White Wednesday is brought to you by a favorite band of my youth, White Heart.

Sometimes holiness
Can seem like emptiness
When you feel the whole world's laughing eyes

But if it's a lonely day
Know you're on the Father's way
He will hear you when you cry

And He will hold you, hold you
Your Father will hold you
He will love you, love you
For the things you do

Desert rose (desert rose)
Don't you worry, don't be lonely
Heaven knows, Heaven knows
In a dry and weary land a flower grows
His desert rose


  1. Don't think I am a totally mess- but I got teary over the lyrics. Things over here have been tough and I swear, every time I start to question the choices I've made, there is a sign to reaffirm my actions. So thanks- even though you didn't mean to, you made me day.

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful lyrics. God knows how to get straight to the heart of things.

  3. Cool picture with the bug and the handle on the chippy paint! Whilst in my wee barn the other day...I had a little photo shoot with the doorway to the tack room and a little red latch. (hmm...great...I mentioned, do I have to go post it?? : )

    Have a beautiful day!

    Julie M.

  4. Oh I love this post! It's my first time to your blog and I think you are the cutest farm girl. Love the pic of you and your sweetheart on the sidebar. Reminds me of my own youth with my hubby and all the dreaminess of that time in our lives. I see the dreaminess in your eyes. I will be back to visit you.

  5. Love that song. White Heart was one of our favorite Christian groups too. Miss them!!

  6. What a wonderful White Wednesday post and beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Such a pretty selection of whites. I am doing White Wednesday also. Come by for a visit. xo Joan

  8. Love them all!! Really beautiful photographs! Is that your belt buckle!?!?! I love it:)

  9. love it... tears.... :o) (the good kind)

  10. Great photos and words. I'm especially loving the one with the old architectural piece with framed photos on top. Thanks for sharing.


  11. pure inspiration for a pure white wednesday.

  12. Such great lyrics to ponder this Wed. evening...especially while looking at happy white images.

    It's all I can do not to go out antiquing tomorrow to get a ladder for my photo base. 'Loved that!

  13. I love the white chippy ladder and frames! Gorgeous!

  14. your white wednesday's are patently racist.

  15. It was nice to get back reacquainted with your blog, upon my hiatus, with this one. And of course, to hear a Whitehart song makes my day as well.

  16. Hi Shannon -- well, surely this post makes up for playing hooky Sunday to come see me at Allegan! It was so nice to talk with you for a bit, and I love your comment -- we would definitely marry you AND we would have an awesome house. We can discuss this when you come to Chicago (or Midland) -- both of which you will love. xo

  17. I wouldn't have ever thought to use the ladder. I guess that is why I'm not an interior decorator...LOL

  18. Wonderful white things! I love those lyrics.

  19. in jr high, late at night, i used to devise choreography (for the appreciate audience in my bedroom mirror) to white heart's "maybe today" and "fly eagle fly." no lie.