Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White Wednesday - II

In honor of The King of Pop's recent passing (and my nose job), I bring you this week's edition of White Wednesday.

They Print My Message
In The Saturday Sun
I Had To Tell Them
I Ain't Second To None

And I Told About Equality
An It's True
Either You're Wrong
Or You're Right

But, If
You're Thinkin'
About My Baby

It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White


  1. :) i love your songs with your white wednesday! and i love your frame at the end too.

  2. Love the scale and the recipe box, so sweet and well that lyrics, perfect!! smiles~

  3. Where did you get that scale?!! I love it!! It is so cool.

  4. I love that old white frame and the printed "saying". AMEN!

  5. This is the perfect post! I just know we would be friends in the real world, not just the blogger world!


  6. Another wonderful White Wednesday at Flower Patch Farmgirl. Love the scale and the frame.

  7. So cute! I had reconstructive surgery...I have a bunch of metal in my face so love telling people I have a fake face...something not a lot of people can say :)

  8. Everything is so pretty! And I love the sentiment. I found you through Kathleen, Happy White Wednesday! Hope you'll come by for a visit sometime!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  9. Well aren't we creative?! I like it! And I love your scale!! Ya, you and Michael had the nose job thing in common, hope yours turned out better than his did...

    :) T

  10. FAB! Keep that white comin' (if only in my dreams).

    I loved that face morphing thing they had in the "Black and White" video. Remember that? It was soooo state of the art back then.

  11. Hey Shannon! Great post. How are you feeling? I was sorry to hear that you won't be coming to Kane -- see you another time. Thanks for your note on my Springfield post. We're off to Allegan this weekend. Come see us -- even if it's in the virtual realm. xo

  12. ... and why shouldn't we throw Michael Jackson lyrics into everyday conversation?

  13. If you ever get terribly bored with that scale, I'd be happy to take it off your hands...

    I want one to photgraph newborns on.

  14. Hey!

    It's my first time at your blog. Love it!

    I want that scale.

    Glad I stopped by. Your blog made me smile.


  15. I was going to comment about how much I love your old kitchen scale, but then I saw all the other white goods, and I love them just as much! That distressed frame with the Scripture in it is just darling. So rustic. LOOOOOOOOOOVE it all! You have such a knack for decorating.

  16. is that last picture for sale by chance?

    it's beautifully spiritually rustic - and means alot to me.....that meaning.....

  17. I love your white style. Seriously.