Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Yums

Allow me to introduce to you a couple of my favorite Autumn dishes.

The first is a re-creation of Panera's Harvest Pear salad.

Mixed greens; ripe, red pear; pecan halves; dried cherries; berry balsamic vinaigrette and plenty of Gorganzola cheese on top.

So, who wants to run to Panera real quick and grab one for me? No, I can't go get it myself. I've been in my sweats and robe for 6 days running. I've only scarcely left my bed.

Did I tell any of you that I was pleasantly surprised with how well things seemed to be going? Well, I take it back.

What? You didn't come here to listen to me whine about the state of my nose on a perfectly lovely Sunday morning? Seriously?


Mini Caramel Apple Pies.

Am I forgiven? These are the perfect dessert for company. They are a total cinch to make, but their "cute" factor leads people to believe that they took a lot of effort.

Oh, and they taste heavenly. Don't scrimp on the coarse sugar. It gives it the perfect crunch.

I have a feeling that the next time we talk, this past week will be but a memory. For the first time, I'm feeling like I might actually be on the mend. Here's to hoping!