Friday, September 25, 2009

Simple Pleasures

What makes me happy? Well, lots of things.

But few come as easily (or inexpensively) as a bouquet of Surprise Rose Garden blooms and a good recipe from one of my binders.

I'm sure that a fancy-pants florist would never put all of these clashy roses together, but it just goes to show that fancy-pants florists don't know everything, after all.

The air is turning here, Autumn is on the way. Only now do I feel compelled to dash off to buy mums and pumpkins. Alas, we are leaving for vacation on Wed., so it will have to wait a week or so longer.

In the meantime, we have big plans to pick up Calvin's Big Boy mattress tonight and put the finishing touches on his room. I also have the newest Better Homes and Gardens magazine waiting for me, and a Netflix movie.

Here's to a perfect, cozy, love-bug, Autumn weekend!