Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post-Op Re-Run Numero Uno

This episode originally aired on Sept. 28, 2008.
As for me? Well, you don't wanna know. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers - I am definitely feeling them! Back to bed, for me. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Farm Stand

The kids and I went to a local farm stand last week. It's the best one.

On our way there we drove past these, lining a field.

I have long admired this farm stand and especially the gardens. Thankfully, I had my camera with me this time. I asked if I could take some photos and the girl obliged, although I think she thought it was sort of odd. I wondered if old-order Mennonites are funny about that sort of thing, but I guess not.

Oh, this wagon. It looks perfect, at rest in front of the cornstalks. If I had this wagon, I would keep it permanently on display somewhere. I don't think that was really their intention in having it out. I think they are a little more function over form, whereas I am often the exact opposite.

I had a really difficult time capturing the kids on this day. They were excited and didn't stay still for long. I thought this shot was funny though, because Ruby's unruly hair sort of resembles these mums.

This is why I love living where we live. Vibrant and new and faded and old, all in the same place.

Cory took this shot, trying out a feature on our new camera. I love it!


  1. Love the pics. Can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch and to get all of our mums. Don't ya just love Fall??

    I must have missed a post or something. You had surgery!! Feel better real soon. Now I need to backtrack and see what's going on!

  2. Get all the rest you need, and let people wait on you hand and foot!! Loved the "rerun" post. You have got me REALLY anxious to do my fall decorating and to go to the pumpkin patch now! Can't wait!!

  3. Fall is in the air here, today....and it feels good! I try not to get my mums until all the summer flowers look haggard and tired...don't want to rush the impatiens out but I look so forward to the fall decorating, especially outdoors!
    PS: Hope you feel better SOON!

  4. feel better.
    I'm excited to head out and get all my white pumpkins and goards...

  5. Back to sleep, you betcha! Or as we in the healthcare field always say, better living through chemistry. ;-)
    Feel better SOON!
    ~ Anne

  6. Lovely photos!! :) The last one is too cool. Feel better soon!

  7. Even the 2nd time around I'm still loving Ruby's mum head. ;)
    Praying for you!

  8. I don't remember this one from last year....did i comment on it? It feels new to me!

  9. I thought maybe all the pictures of the mums was sort of code for, "Mums the word." As, I didn't REALLY have a nose job!! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. :-)

    Hope you feel 100% soon.

  10. My daughter has the same hair! Maybe we could exchange successful hair products? I hope you get to feeling better soon! I have been stalking for a while, I love your home and your kiddos! Oh, and on Harry... I have two words for you:
    Dreamy indeed!

  11. I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting me. Comments are so therapudic. I loved you pics at the farmstand. Wow, wasn't that little waogon worn down.


  12. Get your sleep and feel better! I loved reading your post before surgery i was laughing as your mind went from one thing to the next... i totally do the same thing!