Monday, September 14, 2009

Out With the Old

I'm having some "work" done tomorrow, bright and early. You know, a nose job! Am I supposed to be shy about admitting this? Cause I'm not.

OK, so maybe a "nose job" isn't exactly accurate. Maybe it would be more accurate to say "sinus surgery", but all I can say is, the surgery will take an hour and a half and it's all going down in my measly ol' nose. To me, that counts as a nose job. I feel so "Real Housewives of Amish Country" when I say it. Nose job. I feel like an heiress! I feel...wealthy! Vain!

Argh. The silver linings are:
1. I get to sleep as much as I want to for the next several days.
2. My Sunday School friends are bringing dinner. And they are good cooks, those gals.
3. I get to be taken care of. (I love being taken care of! Makes me feel like a sniffly 8-year old all over again.)

I'll let you know if I think of more. I like collecting silver linings.

While I'm away, I may try to post some oldies-but-goodies from my previous blog, just for fun.

But, if I'm too hopped up on the junk, please forgive me.

And while I'm asking for a little preemptive grace, I'm just going to come right out with it: I do not like Halloween. I don't like one single thing about it. I refuse to celebrate it. Can we still be friends?

Where was I?

Oh right, I'm having a nose job tomorrow.

Me, nervous? No, I'm not nervous. I always talk like this. I always forget what I'm saying mid-sentence and flitter from subject to subject to subject, all in a matter of mere moments.

And while we're talking about antiques, allow me to share another stop from my recent trip to Ohio.

Midwest Memories
Tipp City, Ohio

These short stacks were my date. Holy moley, was I nervous. They had never accompanied me to an antiques shop before, but there was just no way around it. It was too important.

The ladies at the desk gave the lot of us a very weak smile upon entering. I got the distinct feeling that they believed their shop was not the place for two rowdy pre-schoolers.

I made them both walk through the store with their arms folded. (I sometimes do this myself - I get nervous around all that pressed glass!)

But no, I am not really a nervous person. Why do you ask?

This booth* is the main reason for my love. In the grand scheme of Midwest Memories, this here is the jugular. You lose this, well, you lose it all.

OK, that's not entirely fair. MM is a pretty good shop, anyway you slice it. I'm just prone to drama tonight and inclined to use anatomical analogies.

Because of my impending nose job and all.

I. Rest. My. Case.

Why, for the love of Pete, did I not buy that rose watercolor? And the vintage croquet set? This display rocks my socks off and puts them right back on again.

I am loving these baskets of pinecones.

And who doesn't need more corks?

I wish I were an artist. I would paint flowers, all the live-long day. I would throw my own terra cotta pots, then age them by hand.

So, I think you see where I'm going with all of this. I heart Midwest Memories and I would sleep in this booth, B&B style, if I could.

Oh, and I'm getting a nose job tomorrow.

ps- Why is Harry Connick Jr. so dreamy? This seemed like the appropriate time to ask.

*Booth owner: Crystal Krieger


  1. Because he is so funny, self-deprecatingly funny. Yum, yummy....Harry Connick jr. is! Nose jobs...are snot. I'll be praying for your sinuses.

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Oh how I love Harry Connick, Jr...

    You're a very talented writer--I always love your posts. This one cracked me up.

    Good luck tomorrow! I'm sure it'll be over before you know it :)

  3. Good Luck with the JOB!! I'll be thinking of you...


  4. I like you even though you don't like Halloween. I don't like potatoes or eggs...still like me? And I can't answer the question about Harry, he just is. I love the photos you took of those delicious booths. And, be sure that you get plenty of rest and help. Your nose is darling, don't let them change a thing while they are in your sinuses!! You'll be in my thoughts!


  5. Harry Connick Jr is absolutely edible. Halloween...take it or leave it. Leave the candy....on my door...take your goblins elsewhere. That shop made me weak. I bought an old croquet set for A DOLLAR at a yard sale. I now know how to display it. I want all those shutters.

    Enjoy being pampered!

  6. You are so funny! I love reading your posts!!

    I am right there with you when it comes to "procedure nerves", so I am going to say a little prayer for you tonight.

    I must tell you something funny...about 15 or so years ago I saw Harry Connick Jr. get out of a limo and go into a drug store. Seriously! I was only like 16 at the time and happened to be in this random neighborhood that I didn't even live near, but was there to visit a great bookstore that just so happened to be right next door to location of Harry Connick Jr.'s errand.

    It was all very crazy and cool and I felt very famous for the rest of the afternoon.

    Take care and enjoy every minute of your much deserved pampered rest!

  7. You are a riot. I chuckled out loud several times as I read through this post. Yep, I've wanted to pitch a tent and camp out in dreamy store vignettes, too.
    Hey! I heard you're gettin' a nose job tomorrow! Heal quickly and hurry back!
    ~ Anne

  8. Love how they put the crochet set in the glass hurricane vase. Classy.

    I'm with ya on the Halloween thing. And as for Harry oohhh baby he's dreamy. He sang the national anthem at the football game the other night and my husband was like who's that? Oh and I loved him in Hope Floats. Okay I better stop lol.

    I do hope you get lots of rest and have a quick recovery. I'm sure your nose is going to look fab when they're done ;)

  9. I so want to get ahold of those shutters!!! The antique shop looks wonderful~
    Best of luck with your recovery - enjoy every minute of being pampered!

  10. I fight an uphill battle with my husband on Halloween.(he's a junky) don't care for what it's become, and completely 'get' folks who wish to wipe it off the calendar.Love HC,jr, and completely think it was worth the 'looks' from the cashier's in the antique store. I like the croquet mallets upside-down in the glass jar- :) hope the 'nose job' goes well!

  11. I have been wondering when that was again, hoping all goes well and for a speedy recovery. I LOVE this shop and I think I missed it when we were in Tipp City and looking around antique shops. I must have went into the wrong one (not nearly as nice as this one). Swoony. Why didn't you buy EITHER of those rose paintings? Seriously!

  12. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harry Connick Jr and had the pleasure of seeing him in concert last year! Ahhh....

    Your posts are a bright spot in my day. You write just like I speak! Good luck tomorrow. You will be in my prayers!

    Hugs and blessings

  13. Yeah, thanks for bringing up Harry. Definitely. Dreamy. :)
    Praying for your quick recovery. Just think of the books that are waiting for you at my house when you're recovered enough to come visit.

    p.s. I love that you called the kiddos "short stacks."

  14. Good luck and God bless. I hate Halloween too.

  15. The answer... He just is :)
    enjoy your rest. praying all goes well for you.

  16. So, at first I was thinking we can't be friends anymore. I love Halloween and it's Emma's very favorite holiday, maybe because I had my ultrasound for her on Halloween. But then I read the bit about Harry and well, you didn't know this about me but, he's my boyfriend. Sure he doesn't know it yet but that doesn't change anything. We had a moment once at an outdoor concert in Memphis. It involved me, him and a pair of binoculars. I can't divulge the whole story here, it would be too embarassing but maybe one day if you're nice...

  17. it's no biggy. Halloween is for people who have an imagination, people who don't like it are blobs, essentially worthless...HA. Just kidding although Halloween is fun and you are crazy ;-)

    good luck with the nose job!

  18. You, girl, are hilarious! I loved reading this and well this is my 1st time here...I followed here from Lissa (humble pie) and couldn't stop reading...maybe you caught me at your rambling, or the fact that you don't like Halloween(I don't either) or your love of antique store, or your rambling, not sure...anyway, thanks for the smiles, a breath of fresh air!

  19. You are a hoot, I tell you. A HOOT! Praying for you today. :)

  20. Nose jobs.......antiques.......Harry Connick Jr.? You are a hoot!
    Next time you're visiting that store please pick up some of those corks for me - one in every size. We are always in search for a cork to be used for a science experiement - mostly rockets! You're days comin!
    As Dory so gracefully sings in Nemo - "Just keep restin, just keep restin, just keep restin, restin, restin!"
    Take care Girl!

  21. Hot Hot Hot HCJ!!! And girl I love your posts! I haven't been keeping up like I should but don't worry I haven't gone anywhere! You know I love ALL THINGS MIDWESTERNY! I love your post because they remind me so much of ALL THINGS MIDWESTERNY!

    I'll be praying for your job and enjoy your pampering you deserve it!

    PS I be in the Buckeye state next month I hope to hit all of your hot spots!!!!

  22. Ha, you are so funny.

    Good luck on your nose job.

    I also enjoyed looking at all the eye candy from from trip, lovely.

  23. I love to "take" these antique trips with you!
    Much cheaper than going by myself, and more fun!

    Praying that you will have a speedy recovery,

  24. Good luck with the "nose job"! Your kiddos are lovely. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly about the butcher block island! I will have to give ebay a gander.

  25. Farmgirl. love your blog. just found you. I am sooooo jealous that your an IN wanna be farm girl. I'm a wanna be too. We still live in Houston, TX. FAR from any farm. we visit my folks in North Manchester IN every summer and sometimes Christmas. I scour the antique shops when we come. I can't get there fast enough. we have to drive every year, because I always have so much treasure to haul back to TX. My parents have a BEAUTIFUL farm. (300 acres I think) They lease a portion to Amish farmers to plant corn and soybean. My grandparents live on Winnona Lake. I've looked on for "small" farms for sale, but haven't had any luck. I was wondering if you knew of a good website to check out. my dad says a lot of farms are sold via acutions. they got their farm for a STEAL and completely re-did it.(check out my blog) We also love North Webster IN. I so daydream about moving North. I am so interested in how you all came to your decision to pick up and move. We're also in the process of adopting from China right now! Good luck with the "nose job". I would love to visit with you via e-mail when you're feeling better.

  26. All the best on your "nose" job and I don't like halloween either!

  27. Hey, I heard a rumor you were getting a nose job?? Well good luck Heiress. What's not to love about Harry he is my boyfriend. Traci

  28. *praying for your surgery* :o)

  29. Hope you feel better real soon and hope you don't mind that I pasted a couple pics. I did note your blog... My husband says I'm a picture theif! I'm just sooooo jealous. Take care and feel better. lets talk when you're not doped up as my granny used to say.

  30. Harry Connick Jr. is my boyfriend.

    I'm late, but I hope you're healing well and not in pain now!

  31. Just don't let them tinker with your funny bone while they've got you under the juice...cause I would really miss all of your HYSTERICAL posts!!! Good luck sweetie, make sure you give us a profile shot when you're all healed up!

    :) T

  32. Hope you're having a pain free recovery tonight! And a big thank you for your comments on my blog about repainting furniture. Every little bit helps!
    Be well,

  33. You are so cute. I hate halloween and I've been dieing to say it. Everyone around me is so over the top Hallo.

    I feel for you babe, with the nose.

    Good Luck

  34. I just realized this morning that you have totally committed yourself to showing us all the before and after shot...I am imagining you with bruised eyes and a butterfly bandaid over your nose...i'm sure I'm way off...but I am sure everyone would love to see a pic (and I'm sure you have already thought of documenting all of this).

  35. Love your blog, first time reader! we be a long time follower. Hope you are healing from your surgery. sandi

  36. How are you feeling?? Do you look different? More like Jennifer Anniston? can't wait to see the nose job? Maybe Harry will see it and want to meet up.

  37. We hope everything goes well and maybe after the surgery you'll try to paint the flowers you like so never might surprise yourself!! Take time and smell the roses...after today you'll be able to!!! LOL!!

  38. I'm not a fan of Halloween either. I prefer the celebration of FALL:) Good luck on your surgery...yikes. That sounds painful. Sending some well wishes and prayers your way.

  39. Hope everything has gone well with your nosey. We can still be friends about the Halloween thing, although I love it best of all. Why don't you like it? Just curious. I don't think it's unusual not too...I have some friends who just think it's the stupidest thing ever. I can't really argue with that but free candy is involved so that does it for me.
    (I love that croquet set! Except a display like that would eventually be used for some sort of weaponry at my house. Alas.)

  40. LOVE the balls and mallets!!! :)

  41. I had sinus surgery 9 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did!I used to have chronic sinus issues and I've had 2 infections now in 8 years! And only once did I need antibiotics. I even had them just take off a "little bump" while they were up there. Why not? I hope you are feeling better now!

  42. You are a hoot! Love your writing. Hope the op went well - do you get to wear bandages that you can parade around in (wearing sunglasses of course!) so that people think you actually had a real nose job? I hope so ;O)

  43. I might get a little surgery too if I was going to be pampered:-) Hope it went well.