Monday, September 14, 2009

Out With the Old

I'm having some "work" done tomorrow, bright and early. You know, a nose job! Am I supposed to be shy about admitting this? Cause I'm not.

OK, so maybe a "nose job" isn't exactly accurate. Maybe it would be more accurate to say "sinus surgery", but all I can say is, the surgery will take an hour and a half and it's all going down in my measly ol' nose. To me, that counts as a nose job. I feel so "Real Housewives of Amish Country" when I say it. Nose job. I feel like an heiress! I feel...wealthy! Vain!

Argh. The silver linings are:
1. I get to sleep as much as I want to for the next several days.
2. My Sunday School friends are bringing dinner. And they are good cooks, those gals.
3. I get to be taken care of. (I love being taken care of! Makes me feel like a sniffly 8-year old all over again.)

I'll let you know if I think of more. I like collecting silver linings.

While I'm away, I may try to post some oldies-but-goodies from my previous blog, just for fun.

But, if I'm too hopped up on the junk, please forgive me.

And while I'm asking for a little preemptive grace, I'm just going to come right out with it: I do not like Halloween. I don't like one single thing about it. I refuse to celebrate it. Can we still be friends?

Where was I?

Oh right, I'm having a nose job tomorrow.

Me, nervous? No, I'm not nervous. I always talk like this. I always forget what I'm saying mid-sentence and flitter from subject to subject to subject, all in a matter of mere moments.

And while we're talking about antiques, allow me to share another stop from my recent trip to Ohio.

Midwest Memories
Tipp City, Ohio

These short stacks were my date. Holy moley, was I nervous. They had never accompanied me to an antiques shop before, but there was just no way around it. It was too important.

The ladies at the desk gave the lot of us a very weak smile upon entering. I got the distinct feeling that they believed their shop was not the place for two rowdy pre-schoolers.

I made them both walk through the store with their arms folded. (I sometimes do this myself - I get nervous around all that pressed glass!)

But no, I am not really a nervous person. Why do you ask?

This booth* is the main reason for my love. In the grand scheme of Midwest Memories, this here is the jugular. You lose this, well, you lose it all.

OK, that's not entirely fair. MM is a pretty good shop, anyway you slice it. I'm just prone to drama tonight and inclined to use anatomical analogies.

Because of my impending nose job and all.

I. Rest. My. Case.

Why, for the love of Pete, did I not buy that rose watercolor? And the vintage croquet set? This display rocks my socks off and puts them right back on again.

I am loving these baskets of pinecones.

And who doesn't need more corks?

I wish I were an artist. I would paint flowers, all the live-long day. I would throw my own terra cotta pots, then age them by hand.

So, I think you see where I'm going with all of this. I heart Midwest Memories and I would sleep in this booth, B&B style, if I could.

Oh, and I'm getting a nose job tomorrow.

ps- Why is Harry Connick Jr. so dreamy? This seemed like the appropriate time to ask.

*Booth owner: Crystal Krieger