Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Neck of the Woods

I took a drive a few days ago. It wasn't even a purposeful "drive", it was just running an errand and then driving home. At every turn, I found beauty and inspiration.

This is why I hereby do solemnly swear to never leave home without my camera again, so help me Lumix.

Don't you just want to walk right through that white door and set up housekeeping? Or at least, set up shop? I do.

Here's the flip-side. This picture represents almost all of the current elements of my preferred aesthetic.
1) Rugged brick (aka texture)
2) Clean, white paneled wood
3) Dark, substantial hardware
4) Paned windows
5) Corrugated metal
6) Fresh, green botanicals
7) Faded, seen-better-days wood with rusty trim

I will miss thee, sunflowers. I regret that I have only reaffirmed my love for you in recent years. As it turns out, Elizabeth Arden didn't know you nearly as well as she claimed.

Crab apples! Have you ever stopped to ponder the significance of this tree and the fruit it bears? Me neither. Because all that really matters is that it's pretty.

It felt so serendipitous to stumble upon these good fellas. I passed them by, turned around, drove back (slowly) and took this photo out my passenger window, turned around again and attempted to take one coming from the other direction (there were more pairs of suspenders on the other side) but the guy in the blue jeans gave me a "what the...?" look and I zoomed off, a little red in the face. Our corn commands a great deal of attention, consideration and contemplation around here, but that's probably a moot point.

And please, no lectures, but I also took this picture while driving. It's a back road, so I slowed down to a slow idle...until a mean dog nearly jumped through my passenger window and I zoomed off again.

I really try not to make a habit of taking photographs whilst driving. It's just that sometimes, it can't be helped. A barn the color of faded denim with white piping is entirely worth the risk of a fierce dog attack.

Finally, we have this. The dahlias are fading, but who among us isn't? I have never minded a little wear and tear - a little character. This pretty young thing seems to have lived a full, beautiful life and she's not afraid who knows it. You won't catch her hanging her head in shame or running off for a petal-lift. There is truth to be found in the imperfections. Look closer, and I promise you will see it.