Friday, September 18, 2009

My Girl in Pictures

I think it is entirely possible that Ruby will one day be a gymnast. She is wet-noodle flexible and has the requisite dare-devil spirit. Oh, and she loves showing off for an audience.

I mean, seriously, does this photo even need an explanation? I wish I could take credit for the magnificent genetic code of this one. She's beautiful - even with dirty cheeks.

Now's as good a time as any to say it: Ruby is potty trained! (Remember how angsty I was getting about this a couple of months ago? Like all wise Mamas say, they do it when they are ready. Please remind me of this the next go-round.)

Ruby was recently gifted with a stash of hand-me-down Barbies. She calls them her "babies" and sometimes tries to feed them a bottle, which just cracks me up. In this shot, she had just put them all down for a nap in their giant crib.

I've been loving my little helper. She folded this laundry all by herself last week, lining it up neatly in a row. I was so impressed and resolved not to refold a single stitch.

She was oh-so-pleased with herself for stuffing Lucy into Calvin's hard hat. I still haven't fully pieced that one together, but it kept her happy during the critical pre-dinner hour.

I saved the most exciting thing for last: Ruby recognizes the letter "L". I have no idea why or how. I knew that she knows R, O, M and sometimes W, but I had no clue about L.

I wonder what she'll surprise us with next?