Sunday, September 20, 2009

Country Living Fair Recap

No, it's not firsthand. (sniff sniff!)

It's from one of my greatest gals - Jess. Cory and I share our anniversary date with Jess and Dan, and we had big plans to make the trip together, for our 10th.

Then, well, I won't even go into what happened and why that plan fell apart.... I promised not to bring it up again (today.)

Anyway, read this!


  1. It would have been awesome to meet you there! Are you coming to Kasey's event in Oct? Hope you have recovered from the..."procedure." I've got lot's of catching up to do...have a great Monday!!

    :) T

  2. hope you're feeling well. great posts of the pics of the kids :-)

  3. would have LOVED THAT! Maybe next year????

  4. I am more than honored to be chosen as "guest commentator". You were sorely missed. Next year we shall paint the town!

  5. Blasted nose jobs! Watch, next time it will be some pesky little botox! ;)