Monday, September 7, 2009

Bob Family Reunion

In utter truth and sincerity, I tell you this: I count myself very blessed to be able to say that I am still friends with many of the very same people that I walked into my first day of Kindergarten with. Our school was tiny and our class was the tiniest. So tiny that there was no P.M. class, just us morning-ers. We started out as scrawny 5 year-olds and 13 years later, us gals shopped for white dresses that would not show through our inexplicably transparent white graduation gowns. We were there for one another through mall bangs and Guess? jeans. We had sleepovers and spats and went on double-dates and then we all went our separate ways. And still, here we are. As years pass, I realize more and more that this is rare.

While in Ohio over the weekend I met up with two of my pals.

Chris had the nerve to change his name to Christian since high school. I tried to comply, but it was difficult. Here's a few stories about Chris (chin): He once gave a presentation in speech class on the song "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica - complete with air guitar. He was my escort for prom court Senior year and we were in a fight the entire time. (I don't remember why and I can't imagine what we had to fight about.) My HS boyfriend started out being very jealous of my friendship with Chris (can we say "red flag"?) and ended up standing up with him at his wedding, and vice versa. Chris is the only person with whom I have ever made flan. Chris is exactly one day older than me. Chris was the tallest boy in my class and I was the tallest girl, so we got to walk together in the graduation processional. Chris was my first best guy friend.

Thankfully, Lyndsay still goes by Lyndsay. Whew. I was with Lyndsay (girl scout meeting - 4th grade) the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded. We watched in horror as it blew up and Lyndsay immediately informed us that her Cabbage Patch Kid wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up and that she would no longer allow it. I attended countless AWANA, youth group and Bible study meetings with Lyndsay over the years. Lyndsay and I shared a mutual, obscure liking of our extremely nerdy math teacher, Mr. Davis. I helped style Lyndsay's hair when she was on homecoming court. Lyndsay has a wicked-funny sense of humor and shares with myself and our gaggle of other girlfriends the propensity for recalling with stunning clarity the funny moments and people that defined our years at NHS.

Now, we all have families. From the looks of things - we're adults.

Although, if we're adults, then these guys must also be adults. As I sit looking at this picture of Cory and Clinton (Lyndsay's husband) that doesn't seem one hundred percent correct...

At any rate, I loved seeing my pals. They connect me to my former life and remind me that maybe there was never a disconnect, to begin with.

Friends - I propose a trip to Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon, when we're all in our 60's! Be there in your orthopedic shoes, or be square.