Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Adding Character to New(er) Construction

I am a huge fan of old houses and have never lived in anything remotely new. I do, however, theoretically enjoy and appreciate the many advantages of living in something built in the current century.

A few months ago, we helped Cory's cousin, Mindi, move into her new home. It is so roomy and flows so well. It's charming and clean and NEW. Rather than smelling like musty old carpets and mildew (as some of the homes I have lived in did, initially), it smelled brand spanking new.

Mindi set to work painting and adding her own personal touches. In no time flat, the home was as cozy as the girl herself.

Still, it lacked some character - especially in the kitchen. The white cabinetry was a great starting point, but it was begging for some texture and charm.

So, what did she do?

She had the entire main wall bricked.

Then she added some "tin" backsplash. (The same backsplash I have!)

I was amazed at the difference it made.

The company who installed it (all in one day) used thin brick "veneers".

And now, I'm kind of thinking I could use a brick wall of my own.


  1. I am impressed with Mind's idea to do that, very nice! Of course, growing up in that big brick house on Erisman Road, I love brick as well!

  2. Oh...very, very nice. As a fellow OLD house-dweller, I too, can very much appreciate, and often dream of living in a spankin' new home. It would have none of the pitfalls and foibles that these old homes have. I dearly love what she did with the brick, the old clock, and of course, that tin back splash...so much warmer! Thank her for letting us peek in!

  3. I have one of those brand new spanking homes and love it, but now I'm thinking how much cozier my office would be if it had a brick wall!

  4. I have a new house and I ache for an old one with charm... but with updated electrical and plumbing. And no ghosts.... I don't like being scared ;) Love the brick wall... looks great!


  5. seriously, all of that in one day? Amazing, I love the brick wall...looks perfect and adds that extra charm!

  6. Those bricks are just the absolute coolest! Lends a real industrial/loft vibe to the room.

  7. Love the brick wall. Very cool!! We live in a brand new home,too, and are working on giving it the charm and character of an old home. Sometimes I am jealous of some of the things that people in an older home already have, but then I am glad that we don't have to replace faulty wiring or bad plumbing, and that we can have the best of both worlds. A new home with new home niceties that we can add charming old details to.

  8. What a great idea! It definitely adds so much character and a warmth to the kitchen. I also love that clock:)

  9. What a great idea. I would expect nothing less of Miss Mindi. :) So cool what they can do anymore, isn't it.

  10. My house is 140 years old. I would love more bathrooms, and a dining room. But.....I still love my house.

    She did a great job cozying up the place!

    I thought of you yesterday...I was in South Bend. Saw a sign for Niles MI, is that the place with the awesome Flea Market?

  11. I just saw an add for brick veneer yesterday.

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Cool clock!

  12. Now that's cool! I did something like that 30 years ago in my kitchen, only it was called z brick and it wasn't cool but you couldn't take it off.


  13. Holy cow, that is SO COOL! What a genius way to old-house-i-fy it. It's lovely. I think I may use that same brick veneer for a wall in my new studio for portraits...I love the whole brick wall in a warehouse thing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. that did add lots of character! But I LOVE the tin backsplash!

  15. Umm, totally gorgeous!!! I love exposed brick and so does my hubby who has been angling to have some in our house.

  16. Wow she's brave! It looks amazing.

  17. OH I'm so loving that. What a great idea!! Wonder if it was expensive?? Really makes a great difference. Of course I love our tin backsplash wall:)

  18. You've gotta get some starts of that "chameleon plant" out front. I used to have them at my old house, and they are beautiful and easy to grow!

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