Monday, August 10, 2009

The Weekend in Numbers

Hours spent painting trim in Calvin's room: 4

Times I asked my Saturday dinner companion "Do you think I'm weird?": 7

Emergency margaritas: 1

Bags of groceries: 10

Lost Ebay auctions: 1

Dispensed medications: 16

Potty accidents: 4

Naps (for me): 0

Heat index on Sunday: 99

Visits to antiques stores: 2

Amount I would spend in antiques stores if money grew on trees: $730

Movies watched: .5

Yummy, greasy restaurant meals: 2

New cold sores: 1

Escaped ponies: 4

Number of times hearing the very unfortunate new country song, "Beer Gut": 1

Number of times daydreaming about going on a date with Cory: 3

Hours spent working: 6

Stay tuned for some major (and majorly expensive) antique shop eye candy!