Monday, August 3, 2009

Recent Eats

(Edit: Cherry tart recipe now linked below!)

Summer is my favorite time of the year to cook.

Exhibit A:
Grilled tenderloin with tomato "relish", green beans with balsamic and basil glaze, roasted dill potatoes.

Everything but the meat and the spuds came straight from the garden.

Exhibit B:

Beef carnitas, courtesy of Seeking Sardines. All of the Family Circle-ish magazines feature recipes where you save the left-over meat and do something else with it later in the week, but I don't think I've ever worked that bug out, until now. These tacos were unbelievably good. I used a higher quality cut of meat than the recipe calls for, but only because I happened to have it on hand. The flavor was amazing and they were easy to throw together. Thumbs up, all around.

Oh, and that salsa on top was salivicious. I diced an avocado with some diced tomato, one diced jalepeno and a little bit of diced onion. Then I doused it all with the juice of half a lime and sprinkled it with salt and pepper. Stupendous on the tacos and as a regular salsa, eaten with chips. (Have I given you my chips and salsa lecture yet? I'll make a mental note...)

Exhibit C:

This is one of my favorite desserts to make. I try to make it at least once, every time cherry season rolls around. It's super easy to make and people seem to be impressed by the fresh cherries. They're out of the norm, I guess.

I took the cherry tart to a family reunion. What you can't see from this picture is that I'm wearing The Skirt. It makes me happy, especially paired with this semi-raggedy grey t-shirt. (The t says "Vintage" across the front. How lucky, huh?)

All of this leads me to my final thought for the night: Whatever will I do when I can no longer find dinner in the garden, make a tart with fresh cherries, and/or wear The Skirt?

That's a thought I just can't bear to consider at this hour.


  1. yum, yum, & yum! :) I just brought in a whole load of produce from my garden too...I love it!

    Also, I love the picture of you, Cory & Ruby! Can't believe you got Cory out from behind his camera for the shot ;)

  2. Goodness, those look good! Especially the cherry tart, since I have been craving something for dessert all afternoon. :) I enlarged the photo to see the recipe, and it looks like it is super easy to make, as well as really pretty. And I bet it is delicious! I'm definitely gonna have to try it sometime.
    Great pic of your family. You guys are too cute. :)

  3. ok...where's calvin? where's cory's glasses? where's the recipe for the fresh cherry tart? and the tidy little recipe binder?

    i'm in a need-to-know state of mind...

    and the carnitas, i'm gonna be lookin up that recipe...uh-huh ☺

  4. Oh wow! You my dear are an amazing cook. Can I come for dinner some time?? I can smell those pitas and that cherry tart looked almost too pretty to eat...almost;)

  5. All the food looks so yummy! I have to agree with you. Summer is my favorite time to cook as well. So many fresh veggies to use. The berries. I love summer.

  6. All looks divine. ALL of it. I liked seeing the cherry tart that inspired my tart making this summer!

  7. I wish I could see the skirt on you! Your food posts inspire me to cook...which I don't do very well. I might try one of those tonight. I do love summer veges and fruit..esp. the canteloupe--I will miss it in the fall!

  8. Everything looks so GOOD! We had a complete dinner from the garden last night for the first time this summer: green beans with fresh new red potatoes, tomatoes, squash. YUM!
    PS: I remember your skirt and it IS cuteness!

  9. What time is supper tonight? ;)

  10. you're one cool chick! The food looks great! And did you say it came out of your garden! I want to be you when I grow up! (even though you're much younger...)

  11. Well, I can't even fathom a day when you can't wear that skirt! I hope I get to see it in person soon. That is such a great picture of you guys.

  12. Looks delicious!!!

    Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving such sweet comments!If you get a chance, come by my blog and say hi!
    Have a great week,

  13. What yummy food! Looked very scrumptious! You are so cute about that skirt! You and your family are so cute too! Traci

  14. Okay...I am officially starving!! And might I say, your daughter has your eyes?!?! She is adorable!!