Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Let's be honest, we all pine for things. Sometimes, what I pine for most is a fresh bag of Santitas White Corn Tortilla Chips and a brand new jar of Chi Chi's Restaurante Style salsa - mild - room temperature.

Unfortunately for Cory, today isn't one of those days.

Today I'm pining for some big ticket items.

And I think it's ok to pine, especially when it's a purchase that runs over $100. Or heck, even $50. Dave Ramsey has fully indoctrinated me against impulse buys and I'm glad of it. Plus, being a tinge neurotic, I find that the pining is often a big part of the fun. And sometimes, the pining is enough. Sometimes I just ride out the pine until my fickle eyes fall on greener pastures.

All I can say is, Mama needs a new pair of boots. For goodness sakes, every farmgirl needs her some boots. And more importantly, homegirl could use a little street cred.

SWOON. These are my first pick. Frye - Billy Vintage. Size 9, please. And I'll plug my ears and sing a Sara Evans song to myself while you ring 'em up. Then, just stuff the receipt in the bag and we'll both pretend I was never there.
These would also work just fine, in a pinch. They are, after all, Jessica Simpson brand. Any girl that goes straight to dvd as Daisy Duke really oughta know a thing or two about boots. And they are less than half the price. I'm not as keen on the higher heel, though. Inches count when you're already a beanpole and have two smallish people chasing you around that only hit you mid-thigh on a good day. But yes, still a size 9. Thanks for asking.

While I'm at it, I'm going to throw in one more teeny tiny lil' thang. I'm wishing with reckless abandon tonight and don't care who knows it.

I want a corn crib, that I can then turn into a screened gazebo-like structure. (I really dislike the word gazebo - any ideas why? I'm drawing a blank. It just strikes me as retro, in the bad way.)

This is the best picture I could find, but you get the point.

I would prefer an old, rusty gazebo. And then I would grow morning glories straight up the sides and hang a candle chandelier from the ceiling and toss in some vintage outdoor furniture and big pots of full-sun annuals and call it a day.

Is that too much for a farmgirl to ask?