Monday, August 24, 2009

Kinda Shady

I find that I am quite moved by low light.

(Does this mean that I'm shady?)

I like that hazy, gauzy, scrimmy look that occurs at just the right time of the day, or evening.

When I am alert enough to notice it, I grab my camera.
(I know, that last line makes me sound like someone who floats through life in a drug-induced fog. What I really meant is that when that light tends to fall, I am often too preoccupied to appreciate it. Something about two pre-schoolers and a job and a pony that keeps escaping the pasture...)

Have I ever told you how much I detest "getting ready"? I blame it on the fact that as an adolescent, I loved spending hours in front of the mirror, Teen Magazine tear-out "How-To" booklet in hand, daydreaming about those teeny, tiny Shine Free eyeshadows in the pink cases or the loose powder housed in the odd, lavender hourglass-esque container.

I was all about trying to make my eyes larger and my zits smaller.

Fast forward 17 years, and it's all I can do to pull out the hair dryer.

When an occasion arises that warrants tethering myself to the outlet for 10 minutes, I get bored. My escape of choice is the above view. So many times I have thought to myself, "That there is the best view of the kitchen". One day, I finally decided to go ahead and capture it for posterity.

Another recent evening, I happened by the dining area and saw this lovely golden light casting shadows on the wall.

In a fit of control freakishness, I removed the plastic pink bib. I think I still like the first shot better.

These "overblown" shots really rub Cory the wrong way. What can I say? I like a little blur. It lends itself to my honed photographic technique.

It's so glowy and warm. It makes my carpet appear clean.

This one's for you, Kasey. Hope you catch it. And trust me, if you lived any closer, I'd have this puppy under lock and key.