Friday, August 7, 2009

Keeping It Real on a Friday Night

It is August 7th.
I am wearing a hooded sweatshirt and these tres chic socks.
I have been cooped up with sick kids for nearly 3 weeks running - with some work in between, just to liven things up.

My fondness for sweets has grown exponentially over the past few weeks, and I'm not sure why. I should probably get a grip on that one of these days.

The highlight of my day was not dispensing 87 doses of medicine or coaxing a constipated 4 year old to keep trying.

My highlight was kissing too-warm cheeks and cheering for Ruby for doing her business like a big girl. (And it was her idea!)

I know, that's more than one highlight, but I cannot be convinced to correct it right now.

My other highlight was making a yummy dinner, from the garden.

Cory and I both have potent garlic breath and I don't really give a darn. I could think of worse in the area of breath odors.

To celebrate our healthy dinner, we drove over to the DQ drive-thru. I decided on the chocolate-dipped waffle bowl hot fudge sundae, hold the whipped cream, with twist ice cream.

A reasonable choice, no?

And if all of this wasn't already too much honesty for this faux-August Friday night, I'll leave you with this: I wore the socks to DQ - with no shoes.


  1. That's what I was just talking myself out of doing! I was seriously craving chocolate! I told myself no you don't need it.Cone corner our favorite local ice cream is just a four block walk from my house. I can't believe you are wearing a sweatshirt and wooly socks in Aug. Are you having a cold spell?

  2. The DQ visit was a subconscious reaction to reading my blog today. I just know it was.

    While you were eating your fresh from the farm dinner, we were at the fair stuffing our mouths with corn dogs, choc. chip cookies and pork burgers:)

  3. LOL...seriously you made my stuck stayin at home night!!!!!!!

    :) T

  4. You're crackin' me up...and you're keepin' it real! Ice cream sounds really good right now, you're tempting me!

  5. I like it when you keep it real my friend :) Except I could really go without you having to wear wool socks and a sweatshirt in August! ick. And yum on your DQ choice.

    P.S. I think we need a trip to M. sometime really soon :)

  6. we should all be able to eat ice cream in our socks....
    here is to a friday night at home.

  7. We used to have a lot of constipated coaxing around here.....I finally figured out pureed baby prunes are hidden really well in chocolate pudding...... I love celebrating healthy meals with the real good stuff.. it makes it all worth it!

  8. I live in the wrong place I tell ya. Your blog makes me want to pack it all up today and move to wherever the heck you live. I want to eat from a plentiful summer garden and wear socks in August. It just doesn't happen like that here in 110 degree AZ. The flea markets are seriously lacking and I don't know how far I would have to drive to find a cute chippy little red barn behind a field of wildflowers. The grass is literally greener on the other side! :) Your blog is really great.

  9. I have those socks! My best friend's big sister gave them to me for Christmas...and after about a two week heat wave out west...I was SO HAPPY to pull my favorite hooded sweatshirt out of the cupboard last night!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I hope that things will run more smoothly with your beautiful babies soon...

  10. What would we do without soft-serve? Chocolate favorite too. (Should I say ONE of my favorites?)

  11. awww!!! Hang in there! Sick kids are NO FUN, and it really does wear you out. Perhaps, since its summer, it could be allergy related? Hope they get better soon!

  12. How in the world are you wearing a hoodie and cozy socks?!?! It is 92 here. Yuck!!
    Good for Ruby going potty like a big girl. We used to pay my oldest{boy} a quarter when he would go number 2. That was before he actually started potty training. So when he did go pee pee he wanted money. We had to nip that in the bud real quick like!!

  13. Sounds like my life when my kids were young :). I never wore socks to DQ though, I go barefoot.

  14. Your first photo reminded me of those stick people you see in yards that have clothes on them. Somehow from that vantage point, it looks like that to me. Also, let's not forget the return of FNL to add to the mix soon!