Thursday, August 6, 2009

Illegal Immigrants and Other Farm Excitement

Remember all of those volunteer sunflowers that I couldn't bear to pull up? This is one of them. It's right out my back door, standing in the flower bed with the hydrangeas and the delphinium.

I wonder how they feel about these big guys?

I wonder if they think it isn't fair?

I'll bet the garden phlox does, seeing as how they sacrificed their very lives in the inescapable shade created by these giants.

In all fairness, I was pretty selective. I pulled up 90% of the starts. (Note to self: move sunflower-seed bird feeder to new location.) But I just couldn't bear to pull them all out. Why on earth would I ruthlessly do away with free flowers?

In other garden-related news, we managed to grow some carrots! It seems especially miraculous, given the teeny, tiny size of the seeds.

Oh, the kids helped me paint the fence, too. They really did help. They were covered in white paint for two days straight, as proof.

And do you see that big, ugly, black trash can? Well, that's our homemade composter! It's only about a quarter full and it reeks to high heaven. It's disgusting and we have to stir it around with a pitch fork every couple of days. I LOVE it. I feel so purposeful when I toss our vegetation scraps into the little bucket under the sink, rather than into the trash can. I am gearing up for my best flowers ever next Spring, thanks to this puppy.

Just look at my farmhands!

It's very typical to find one or both of them sans pants, after the hour of 4 p.m. I'm not sure what it is about that time of the day, but it seems that they both have just had enough of the pants by then. (And yes, those are boys plastic pants on the Rubester. That is correct, she is not potty-trained yet. If I was being completely honest, I would say that she doesn't even seem to be close. But, I'm not in the super honest mood right now, so, "Yes! She's pretty much totally trained! She did it all herself! I didn't even try!")

Thanks for asking.


  1. Well...I didn't even attempt to train my oldest two until they were 3 or so{or so being the operative words}. My oldest was actually over 3 and the nursery coordinator actually called me about it. I guess it was time to move on out!!
    I feel like you are living my the carrots!! And the kids...

  2. OK...I am not trying to add stress to your life *wink, wink* but you need to check out this DIY compost bin,

    Then, I want to see your "before & afters" ;)


    PS. Pants are over-rated (& so is potty training)!

  3. The fence looks lovely. I can tell you nothing about compost, but I'm sure it will be helpful :) And Beachbrights is right pants and potty training are over-rated! Ruby will one day just decide she wants to do it and you won't even have to work at it.

  4. Your carrots look great! We grew some carrots, but our soil is so rocky that they didn't grow nice and long and straight like yours. They did make good carrot cake though! :) The compost will definitely help your flowers grow better. We composted this year and last, and this year, our tomatoes plants are as tall as our 6 foot fence! It's amazing!

  5. My little girl wasn't officially potty trained until um... sometime last month. She is three years and five months, I am super laid back and figured she would eventually just do it on her own. Worked as far as I am concerned. :)

    Love your blog!

  6. Pants? Who needs pants! Your farm hands look very productive! Your carrots look alot better then ours are short and stubby! Good luck with the compost thing. Traci

  7. Your farm is so gorgeous! And that compost is black gold as they say, you really will be thrilled with the results next year. I buy my compost beacuase...well I'm not sure why...I just haven't made the leap with the composter yet, but I should. Cute kiddos!!

    :) T

  8. Such great pictures! I guess when you live on a beautiful farm it is the perfect backdrop to anything...even a compost can!!!
    ♥ Jen

  9. I have one lone sunflower in my garden and I couldn't rip him up either!!! :o)

  10. I LOVE your sunflowers! I'm sure the other flowers enjoy their beauty as well! I would just love it at your farm!

  11. You are such the Farmgirl. I am jealous of the sunflowers, the white fence, the pitchfork movin' the compost...all of it, growin' carrots...ugh!

    And could you be any cuter? Really I'm just lovin' following you in the country everyday. It makes me smile:)

  12. You carrots are awesome! Amazingly enough, we have the same pants problem around here too!!!

  13. Oh my! Those are beautiful carrots! The three of you look so darn cute in that picture. Oh, and the fence looks great. Nice and crisp and white. Very fresh!

  14. You guys are beyond cute! I want to compost, but we live on a very small lot and I am pretty sure that I would be able to smell it! Maybe we could get a small one...

  15. Oh potty training...yeah those weren't my best days or Emma's either. We figured that as long as it happened before she left for college, we were all good.

    The fence looks great. I'm totally wanting to compost too. You are such an inspiration, girl!

  16. Ruby looks like a model in that last shot! I love the carrots photo! Also, note to self: DO NOT MAKE A HABIT of reading the blog, but NOT commenting on the blog, otherwise it's like double duty to go back later to comment!