Friday, August 14, 2009

For Your Weekend Entertainment a.k.a. The Life and Times of Two Very Innocent, Boy-Crazy 15 Year-Olds

Have I ever told you about my best gal, Sarah? Well, we go way back. Back to the tender age of 15. We met at Bible study and she grabbed my arm, saying "We're going to be friends." It was not a request, it was more of a demand. Who was I to argue with that?

So, we were.

And, we are.

18 years later, we are still alive and kicking, with less than 20 miles between us. Amazing, isn't it? Especially considering that we grew up 3.5 hours away from here...and still landed permanently in the same place.

We always knew our friendship was Cosmic.

Sarah and I went to different schools and grew up during the era of long-distance phone calls. We could rarely talk on the phone, because we didn't have two nickels to rub together and our Dads made us pay for every last cent of our phone bills. To pass the time until we could see one another next, we wrote notes. Then, we traded them in person, meanwhile talking about everything that we wrote about in the notes. Roughly 95% of the content of these notes concerned a few particular boys. There was some rotation, but there were also a couple of regulars who never really went away. These boys did not like us back, although Sarah did end up on a bonafide date or two with her main squeeze and even got a smooch from him.

Several years back, Sarah gifted me with a laminated, spiral bound notebook of some of the notes I had given to her over the course of 1991-1992. The cover is a collage of some of our favorite things during that era: the cast of 90210, GAP, SNL, a picture of our beloved youth pastor, Amy Grant, Out of the Grey and a picture of one particular boy who was our on-again-off-again shared, entirely unrequited crush for several years running. Ooooh, he was cute.

I unearthed the notebook yesterday and read some bits aloud to Cory until we were laughing so hard that we were crying. It only seems fitting to share a few of the key nuggets with you now.

Please, remember, we were 15. We were not the cool girls. We did not go to parties or do naughty things. Our favorite past-time was dissecting our crushes and encouraging each other to believe that one fine day, these boys would see the light.

15, I tell you. (We'll save the discussion of my attire for another day...)

I present to you now, the ever-spiritual and oh-so-wise Shannan, circa 1991.


"Sarah, I think I'm in love, too. My only problem is that I can't figure out which one it is. I wonder if it's possible to love two people at the same time? Probably not."

Me again. Ah, the age-old question. If only someone had told me that the primary prerequisite of being "in love" is having the other person (or persons, as the case seems to have been) love you back. But, I digress...

"I've never felt so sure about being over John. He's a nice guy and all (most of the time), but for some reason, I know it's Ike. I don't want to settle for anything less than Ike. I will wait! You've gotta wait too. It might not seem that easy at times but we're both pretty much in the same situation so we've got to lean on each other and get through this. I told you this before, but I'll say it again - I KNOW it will all work out! The Bible says "Good things come to those who wait." Patience! And we really can't neglect the Lord. (I'm not saying we are - I'm just saying we can't.) Right now's a time when we need him most...Someday (soon!) we're gonna look at each other and cry happy, ecstatic tears as we think of how blessed we are to have Pat and Ike and to know that they love us as much as we love them!"

Oh, girls....Oh, my...

Here's one last excerpt, and it's a doozey:

12-25-91 (It's true, we didn't even take Christmas off.)
"I have prayed so much since Monday night and I've come to realize a few things about my situation and they also can apply to you. The main thing is what I've already said - the Lord is in control. We just have to step back and let him work it out. He knows what he's doing and there's no way he'll let us down because he loves us so much and I really think that our guy problems are important to him. Think of what happened to me - I stepped back and gave it to Jesus and I got to ride alone in hot Ike's cool car with hot Ike sitting beside me looking very studly in his glasses!"

Please, please, Lord, let Ruby be this innocent and let her "problems" be exactly this "big", when she is 15. And for her own, personal, future enjoyment, make sure she documents every single word.

**Names have been modified to protect the identities of silly boys who didn't know a good thing when they saw it.